An Investigation into the Rock mechanics Aspects of Sublevel Open Stope Mining

Rock mechanics investigations are carried out to evaluate the sublevel open stope mining method used at the tungsten mine in Bursa (Turkey) with respect to the stability of stopes, rib pillars and its various galleries. Although the orebody is massive in nature, it shows various rock mass strength characteristics. Major geological patterns and their strength characteristics are extensively studied together with the physical and mechanical properties of the ore-bearing rock (scarn) and the wall rocks. Using different rock mass classification systems, a careful evaluation of rock mass is established. Back analyses are carried out. The stability of stopes and pillars is studied. Design procedures and measures to be taken are suggested.
International Society for Rock Mechanics (ISRM), 5th International Congress on rock Mechanics, (1 - 03 Mayıs 1983)


An investigation of liquefaction effects on piers and piles of segmental precast balanced cantilever bridges
Gündüz, Özer; Caner, Alp; Department of Earthquake Studies (2019)
In this thesis, the seismic behavior of a typical segmental precast balanced cantilever bridge over liquefiable soils is investigated. Liquefaction is a phenomenon that is triggered by large movements of the sand layer during earthquakes and cause damage to structures. The subject is still under investigation, approaches for liquefaction induced lateral spreading calculations can be found in the literature. Inertial and kinematic effects of the lateral spreading were studied with a total of four different a...
An experimental study of vertical and inclined soil nails under footings as settlement reducers
Engin, Harun Kürşat; Ergun, Mehmet Ufuk; Department of Civil Engineering (2005)
Vertical and inclined soil nails under footings as settlement ا reducing elements is investigated using a physical 1g model in the laboratory. Nails are not connected to footing, they are not so long and vertical settlement of nails is very large compared to usual limits encountered for piles or micropiles. Following the settlement of footing, they share the load together with the footing. The skin friction is mostly mobilized and end-bearing failure occurs continuously during the settlement. The system of ...
Experimental Investigation of Crack Propagation Mechanisms in Commercially Pure Aluminium Plates
Tekoğlu, C.; Çelik, Ş.; Duran, H.; Efe, M.; Nielsen, K.L. (Elsevier BV; 2019)
The crack surface morphology in tearing of ductile metal plates depends on the mechanical properties, chemical composition and the microstructure of the plate material as well as on the loading conditions and the specimen geometry. This study assesses the crack surface morphologies observed in commercially pure aluminium plates (Al 1050 H14). Mode I tearing was performed in both single and double edge notched tensile test setups with specimens cut from five different plates with different thickness t, viz. ...
A detailed analysis for evaluation of the degradation characteristics of simple structural systems
Kurtman, Burak; Erberik, Murat Altuğ; Department of Civil Engineering (2007)
Deterioration in the mechanical properties of concrete, masonry and steel structures are usually observed under repeated cyclic loading in the inelastic response range. Therefore such a behavior becomes critical when these types of structures are subjected to ground motions with specific characteristics. The objective of this study is to address the influence of degrading behavior on simple systems. The Structural Performance Database on the PEER web site, which contains the results of cyclic, lateral-load ...
A comprehensive evaluation of sedimentary zeolites from Turkey as pozzolanic addition of cement- and lime-based binders
ÖZEN KARSLI, SEVGİ; Göncüoğlu, Mehmet Cemal; Liguori, B.; de Gennaro, B.; Cappelletti, P.; Gatta, G. D.; Iucolano, F.; Colella, C. (2016-02-15)
The pozzolanic action played by five natural zeolite-rich materials (three clinoptilolite- and one each mordenite- and analcime-bearing rocks) coming from Turkey, has been examined, evaluating also the influence of various chemical-physical parameters, such as grain size of the zeolitic materials and nature of the cation present as extra-framework component of the structure. Pozzolan activity has been estimated by the official test of the European Standards and by thermogravimetry, finding a good accordance...
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