Study of parameters affecting sound quality in concert halls

Hasırcı(Çelik), Deniz


Study of Self organization and Current Filamentation in the Glow Gas Discharge System
Rafatov, İsmail; Çakır, Serhat (null; 2015-07-01)
Study of Inside Coupled Noise Reduction Under the Presence of Helmholtz Resonators
Sorguç, Arzu; Çalışkan, Mehmet (null; 1999-03-01)
Investigation of one dimensional longitudinal stress waves in bars
Toroslu, Rıdvan; Yıldırım, R. Orhan; Department of Mechanical Engineering (1990)
Study of electron identification in the opera detector
Bay, M. Fatih; Güler, Ali Murat; Department of Physics (2008)
The OPERA experiment is designed to perform first direct observation of $\nu_{\tau}$ appearance in an almost pure $\nu_{\mu}$ beam. The OPERA detector is a hybrid set-up which combines a lead/emulsion target with various electronic detectors. It is located in Gran Sasso Laboratory (LNGS), 730 km away from CERN where neutrino beam is produced. A good electron identification in the ECC brick would also allow OPERA to search for $\nu_{\mu}\rightarrow\nu_{e}$ oscillations. We have studied electron identificatio...
Investigation of fracture behavior of steel/steel laminates
Şimşir, Mehmet; Öztürk, Tayfur; Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (2004)
A study is carried out into fracture behavior of steel/steel laminates both experimentally and through finite element analysis (FEM). The laminates produced by hot pressing consisted of low carbon and medium carbon steels with two volume fractions; 0.41 and 0.81. Fracture toughness, JIC has been measured using partial unloading technique assuming a critical value of crack extension. The technique is initially applied to monolithic material and then to the laminates in crack divider orientation. Evaluation o...
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D. Hasırcı(Çelik), “Study of parameters affecting sound quality in concert halls,” Middle East Technical University, 1995.