Globalleşme, Katılımcı Demokrasi ve Örgüt Sorunu

Keyman, Emin Fuat
Üstüner, Mustafa Yılmaz


Globalleşme Katılımcı Demokrasi ve Örgüt Sorunu
Üstüner, Mustafa Yılmaz (1995-11-01)
Globalleşme ve Ulus-Devlet
Ertuğrul, Kürşad (1995-01-01)
Spatial impacts of globalization
Işık, Banu Işıl; Kayasü, Serap; Department of City and Regional Planning (2010)
Today, the world is in a continuous process of change, which is conceptualized as globalization. Although the concept is generally related to economy, it affects aspects of human life; i.e. social, cultural, political and so on. The impact of globalization on urban areas requires a special emphasis. Economic development has played a significant role in restructuring the city. Particularly following the 1970s, with the changes in the international economic system, the world has started to transform into a gl...
Schools of the future in globalized society: forecasting via scenario development method in Turkish schools
Tunalı, Sevinç; Kiraz, Ercan; Department of Educational Sciences (2014)
This study aimed to investigate the predictions of the schools of the future in Turkey. For this aim the study focus on the one major research question: In what ways will schools be evolving for the future in relation to perceptions and major global trends and what are possible future scenarios about schools in Turkey? Qualitative research methods were used to gather data and data were supported by the quantitative results of recent studies. To explore the concept of the schools of the future this study sta...
Global citizenship and the global city
Öztemel, Özlem; Yeğen, Mesut; Department of Sociology (2003)
In the last two decades, the accelerated global developments in economic, cultural and socio-political era have affected the constitution of citizenship which has been defined in accordance with nation. Therefore, this thesis analyses the debate on global citizenship around the issue of the state of citizenship under the conditions of global city. This thesis focuses on the question 'who is (not) the citizen' or 'who act as citizen' in the space of global cities. In other words, it questions how and by whom...
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E. F. Keyman and M. Y. Üstüner, Globalleşme, Katılımcı Demokrasi ve Örgüt Sorunu. 2012, p. 338.