Examining the studies including in-service early childhood teachers’ personal factors affecting classroom management.

In early childhood education period, the relationship between teacher and child is significant. Because this relationship impacts children’s development and learning, there should be healthy interaction between early childhood teachers and children. Via this healthy interaction, teachers can support children’s learning by providing appropriate learning environment, materials and methods that are determined according to children’s needs and interests. In order to provide effective teaching and learning, appropriate classroom environment to be enhanced with effective classroom management strategies should be arranged. Previous studies indicate that teachers’ classroom management skills affect children’s behaviors and academic success. According to literature, classroom management may be affected by school infrastructure, teachers, students, physical environment of classroom, family and school administration. In this current study, researchers will mainly concentrate on teachers and their effects on classroom management. The aim of the current study is to scan national and international studies that include teachers’ individual factors affecting classroom management and examining these studies in terms of their method, the individual factor(s) that they focused on and their findings. In that way, researchers aim to collect data on individual factors affecting early childhood teachers’ classroom management styles. For this purpose, meta-analysis will be used as research method. In order to carry out meta-analysis, computer search will be used by using database providers including EBSCO and ProQuest. To reach more current research, publication years of the studies will be limited between 2008-2018. In addition to these, the researchers will use some inclusion (in-service teachers, teacher-related factors) and exclusion (publication date, being not significant of the results) criteria to focus on the main idea. After reading the related literature, the results of each study will be analyzed systematically.
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