Medium-Range Correlations and Its Impact on Properties inAl-RE Marginal Glass Forming Alloys

Kutsal, Mustafacan
Kalay, Yunus Eren


Medium band gap polymer based solution-processed high-kappa composite gate dielectrics for ambipolar OFET
Canimkurbey, Betul; Unay, Hande; Cakirlar, Cigdem; Buyukkose, Serkan; Çırpan, Ali; Berber, Savas; Parlak, Elif Alturk (IOP Publishing, 2018-03-28)
The authors present a novel ambipolar organic filed-effect transistors (OFETs) composed of a hybrid dielectric thin film of Ta2O5: PMMA nanocomposite material, and solution processed poly(selenophene, benzotriazole and dialkoxy substituted [1,2-b: 4, 5-b'] dithiophene (P-SBTBDT)-based organic semiconducting material as the active layer of the device. We find that the Ta2O5: PMMA insulator shows n-type conduction character, and its combination with the p-type P-SBTBDT organic semiconductor leads to an ambipo...
SUER, MG; BAC, N; Yılmaz, Levent (1994-05-20)
Mixed matrix membranes of polyethersulfone (PES), a glassy polymer, and hydrophilic zeolites 13X and 4A were prepared by using different membrane preparation procedures. Using selected procedure (c), the permeation rates of N2, O2, Ar, CO2 and H-2 were measured with a variety of membranes prepared at different zeolite loadings. Significant differences in measured permeability and calculated selectivity values demonstrated the importance of the type and percentage of zeolite. For both zeolitic additives, per...
Medium optimization for cephamycin c overproduction and comparison of antibiotic production by ask, hom, and ask+hom recombinants of streptomyces clavuligerus
Ünsaldı, Eser; Özcengiz, Gülay; Department of Biology (2010)
Streptomyces clavuligerus is well-known for synthesizing several β-lactam antibiotics like cephamycin C which is produced through aspartic acid pathway initiated by aspartokinase (Ask) enzyme encoded by ask. Four different strains were constructed in our laboratory to increase cephamycin C production by S. clavuligerus. TB3585 and BA39 contained extra copies of ask gene on a multicopy plasmid, control strains TBV and BAV contained vector only in wild type strain NRRL3585 and hom-minus background, AK39, resp...
Medium-Frequency Induction Melting Furnace as a Load on the Power System
Yilmaz, Ilker; Ermiş, Muammer; Cadirci, Isik (2012-07-01)
The variable-frequency operation of the coreless induction melting furnace (IMF) has been investigated in detail both theoretically and experimentally. The time variations of the operational impedance value of the IMF, owing to the time-varying resonance frequency and crucible conditions, have been derived for typical melting cycles by using a variable parallel RLC model derived from extensive field measurements. The work coil and its crucible are supplied at variable frequency from a multipulse rectifier a...
Medium development for production of bacillus thuringiensis based biopesticides
Özcan, Orhan; Özcengiz, Gülay; Department of Biotechnology (2008)
The insect pathogen Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) holds great promise as an effective and friendly way for management of the pests with safety for nontarget animals and humans. However, high capital investment due to high production and formulation cost of commercial Bt preparations has caused prohibitive effect on companies. The present study mainly aimed at developing a low cost medium that supports the growth of different Bt strains and their specific bioinsecticidal δ-endotoxins (crystal proteins). A comp...
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