Coupled stability analyses of a road cut sloped and a railway tunnel in use

Tanrıseven, Esra Nur
Bilgin, Hasan Aydın
Tutluoğlu, Levend
Ünlütürk, Burcu


Coupled fictitious stress and displacement discontinuity boundary element method for half plane rock fragmentation and crack problems
Buyurgan, Gürkan Burak; Tutluoğlu, Levent; Department of Mining Engineering (1998)
Coupled physical and biochemical data driven simulations of Black Sea in spring-summer: real-time forecast and data assimilation
Besiktepe, ST (2002-12-06)
Data driven simulations in the Black Sea based upon observations during May-June 2001 in the SW part of the basin and coupled 3D physical and biochemical models have been carried out. The model was initialised with the data obtained during 22-28 May, 2001 and ran until 15 June, 2001. The data obtained in the second leg during 12-18 June, 2001 was assimilated into the model. At the time of the assimilation, the model forecast and the data were also compared. Quantitative and qualitative comparisons of the co...
Nonlinear analysis of concentrically and eccentrically braced steel frames
Sonaer, Gökhan; Yılmaz, Çetin; Department of Civil Engineering (1998)
Coupled chemomechanics and phase field modeling of failure in electrode materials of Li ion batteries
Dal, Hüsnü (2013-03-22)
We propose a canonical finite strain theory for diffusion-mechanics coupling for the intercalation induced stress generation in Li-ion electrode particles. The intrinsic coupling arises from both mechanical pressure gradient-induced diffusion of Li-ion particles and diffusion induced swelling/shrinkage leading to mechanical stresses. In addition, we extend the finite strain theory for diffusion-mechanics coupling to chemomechanical fracture of electrode particles by introducing a nonlocal crack phase field ...
Nonlinear performance analysis of steel lattice energy distribution towers
Köşker, Yunus Anıl; Baran, Eray; Department of Civil Engineering (2022-2)
Steel lattice tower structures play a vital role in overhead energy transmission and distribution networks. The safety of the towers has a great significance in order to keep power systems functioning. Despite their crucial function, these structures are susceptible to damage and sometimes total collapse as a result of environmental overloading. The collapse of tower structures in varying magnitude has been reported due to changing global weather patterns in the past few years. On January 16th, 2019, strong...
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E. N. Tanrıseven, H. A. Bilgin, L. Tutluoğlu, and B. Ünlütürk, “Coupled stability analyses of a road cut sloped and a railway tunnel in use,” 2016, vol. 1, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: CRC Press/Balkema 2016 Taylor & Francis Group.