Mekanum tekerlekli araç tasarımı ve üretimi

Serin, Gökberk
Mustafa Anıl, Safran
Ecevit, Mustafa
Akay, Ahmet Nuri
Taşcıoğlu, Yiğit
Özer, Mehmet Bülent
Mecanum wheels move with sliding motion of the wheels. They can move forwards, backwards and sideways without the rotation of the wheels. This project is about design and manufacturing of a Mecanum wheeled vehicle. The four Mecanum wheel s were driven with four separate DC Motors. Since there is no turning of the wheels in Mecanum wheeled vehicles, the movement in a targeted direction is succeeded by rotation of certain pair s of wheels in certain directions. The necessary directions and velocities of the wheels in order to m ove the vehicle in a certain direction is calculated from the kinematic equations of the Mecanum whee ls. These directions and velocities are coded onto Arduino board and the vehicle is controlled w ith a wireless control using X-Bee protocol.
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