Analysis and design of a novel reciprocating compressor utilizing a minfas-tar mechanism(s)

Ercan, Abdulkadir
Similar to the slider crank mechanism that is utilized in a conventional reciprocating compressor, the MinFaS-TaR (Minimum Friction and Shaking – Translation to any Rotation) mechanism may also be used to convert a rotational motion into a translational motion. In the MinFaS-TaR mechanism, the translational and rotational motions can be related to each other in any desired manner. Furthermore, it has favourable dynamic properties. In this study, the piston motion function, , or the chamber pressure function, , has been used as a design “function” to optimize the performance, especially energy consumption, of a compressor utilizing one, or more, MinFaS-TaR mechanisms. Here, , and denote the position of the piston of the compressor, the angular position of the crank of the compressor and the chamber pressure, respectively. In addition, the diameter of the cylinder, the diameters of the inlet and outlet valves and the motor speed of the compressor are utilized as design parameters. It is shown that using as the design function is more advantageous (than using as the design function), leading to compressors in which the chamber pressure is constant during the suction and discharge phases. In order to assess the effects of various design parameters on the performance of a reciprocating compressor, parametric studies have been performed. Furthermore, 7 case studies have been considered. For each case study, optimal MinFaS-TaR based compressors have been obtained by using the developed algorithms. The performances of these optimal MinFaS-TaR based compressors have been compared to that of the slider crank based compressors. The results indicate that the energy consumptions and the power requirements of the driving motors of MinFaS-TaR based compressors may be reduced significantly (compared to the slider crank based compressors). It should be noted that, the shaking forces and moments transmitted to the chassis are identically zero in a MinFaS-TaR based compressor.
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A. Ercan, “Analysis and design of a novel reciprocating compressor utilizing a minfas-tar mechanism(s),” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2021.