Workplace Ethnography: Re-structuring of Academic Culture



Workplace cysberslacking: an investigation based on the theory of planned behavior
Koç, Yasemin Doğa; Toker, Yonca; The Department of Psychology (2020)
The use of computers and mobiles at workspaces has increased dramatically in the last decade. Employees’ access to the Internet is inevitable and mostly required within working hours. Cyberslacking is a phenomenon that describes the non-work-related behavior conducted in the workplace by using the Internet. The effects of Cyberslacking behaviors in the workplace are still controversial. Literature suggests that Cyberslacking can be a facilitator of both positive and negative workplace behaviors. Thus, it is...
Workplace Sexual Harassment Perceptions in the Turkish Context and the Role of Individual Differences
Toker Gültaş, Yonca; SÜMER, HAYRİYE CANAN (Wiley, 2010-10-01)
The major purpose of this study was to examine perceptions of workplace sexual harassment in the Turkish context. In Study 1, 53 working women were interviewed to identify culture-relevant behaviors that are considered to be sexual harassment. In Study 2, the factor structure of perceptions was explored. In addition, the way in which these perceptions are related to personal variables (i.e. gender role attitudes, self-esteem, and negative affectivity) was investigated. Participants were 353 women currently ...
Workplace bullying: its reflection upon organizational justice and organizational citizenship behavior perceptions among public sector employees
Öztürk, Deniz; Aşcıgil, Semra Feriha; Department of Business Administration (2011)
The present study intends to examine the influence of workplace bullying incidents on the organizational justice perceptions of targets and by-standers with respect to organizational procedures, supervisory treatment and distribution of pay/reward schemes together with the performance of organizational citizenship behavior. For this purpose, six different public institutions in Ankara and Izmir are selected. A total of 288 white-collar public employees filled out the questionnaire where one third of the par...
Workplace Bullying among Public Sector Employees: Reflections upon Organizational Justice Perceptions and Organizational Citizenship Behavior
ÖZTÜRK, DENİZ; Aşcıgil, Semra Feriha (Philosophy Documentation Center, 2017-03-01)
This study aims to explore the influence of workplace bullying incidences on both targets and bystanders with respect to their perceptions of organizational justice and organizational citizenship behavior. Responses from 288 white-collar public employees revealed that one third of the participants stated themselves as be, ing exposed to workplace bullying behavior in the last six months. As hypothesized, findings support the view that workplace bullying experience plays a significant negative role in organi...
Occupational gender segregation : the case of urban Turkey
Çelikaksoy, E. Aycan; Dayıoğlu-Tayfur, Meltem; Department of Gender and Women's Studies (2001)
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