Understanding the impacts of urban regeneration on children's use of place Comparisons from rural and urban settings in Turkey

Children are amongst the most vulnerable groups to the impacts of urbanization and urban landuse change. Yet, despite this, we do not have a good understanding of how regenerationaffects children’s use of place. This presentation aims to understand the effects of urbanregeneration on children’s place preferences and use.Data is obtained from 3 large-scale participatory photography studies in Turkey. The first studywas conducted with four groups of children (ages 9-11) living in three different municipalities ofthe Bodrum peninsula. Each group of children was selected from a different community. Thefour community settings varied in the degree and nature of social and environmentaltransformation due to tourism development. There was a village case, a small town case, andthe inner and outer (edge) urban metro area case. In total, 92 children participated in this study.The second study was conducted with children (ages 9-11) in six historic low-incomeneighborhoods of Istanbul. In the past, while some of these neighborhoods had managed topreserve their historic character, some others changed more or less drastically. In total, 254children participated in this study. The final study is ongoing and so preliminary data for thisstudy will be presented here. The first part of this study was conducted with 63 children (ages9-12) living in the contemporary inner-city mass housing developments in Ankara. Currently, theresearcher investigates 9 to 12 year-old children’s place use in mass housing developmentsthat are located in the edge of Ankara.In all of these studies, children are asked to take the pictures of the places they like most, enjoybeing in and spend most of their time in. Thereafter they are asked to write the story of eachpicture. In this presentation, to understand the impacts of urban regeneration on children’s useof their environments, the researcher will compare the findings of these three studies
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Y. C. Severcan, “Understanding the impacts of urban regeneration on children’s use of place Comparisons from rural and urban settings in Turkey,” presented at the 8th Child in the City Conference, 2016, Ghent, Belgium, 2016, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: http://www.childinthecity.eu/2016-conference/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Book_of_Abstract_CitC_2016_Gent.pdf.