Evaluating attitudes towards Metu online a study of instructors of FLE department

Cirit, Nazlı Ceren
Gümüşok, Fatma
Lately, through the rapid expansion of technology into the social branches of life, education has also taken advantage of the opportunities that technology provides for educational purposes. In all levels of education, the integration of computer technologies has not only been limited to the school hours but also off-school time. This recent trend is adapted for enabling instructors to share the documents necessary for the courses, promote communication between teachers and students, etc.(Lonn & Teasley, 2009). Eventually, Learning Management Systems (LMS) which are “integrated computer systems” have consistently been introduced and implemented for its most effective utilization in learning and teaching at universities (Coates, James & Baldwin, 2005, p. 19). METU is one of the pioneer universities employing its own LMS, METU-Online to fulfill the e-learning needs of METU academicians and students. Feeling the need to reveal the challenges and benefits of METU-Online, the researchers conducted a study using qualitative and quantitative research methods to examine the extent METU-Online is used in the Department of Foreign Language Education (FLE), and to investigate the attitudes of instructors toward it. As a data collection tool, the researchers administered one questionnaire to nine instructors. To the open ended questions of the survey, the instructors brought forth twenty two suggestions on how to make METU-Online better for learning and teaching purposes in the FLE department. Additionally, statistical analysis of the four point Likert scale type questions revealed that instructors believe in the necessity and efficiency of using
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N. C. Cirit and F. Gümüşok, “Evaluating attitudes towards Metu online a study of instructors of FLE department,” 2013, vol. Middle East Technical University , Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/86944.