Examination of school time physical activity level of middle school students in schools with different sport related facilities

Middle school physical education (pe) program has recently been reformed with an emphasis on health-related pe in Turkey. The name of compulsory pe classes for all students has been changed into “Physical Education & Sport”, and its weekly class hours have been set as 2 hours/week. In addition, an elective “Sport & Physical Activity” course that students could take 2 or 4 class hours/weekly has been offered (MoNE, 2013a, b). This study aimed to examine physical activity (pa) level of students during school time in middle schools with different sport related facilities by students’ gender and attendence of elective Sport and Physical Activity course. Participants were 153 seventh grade students (girls n = 83 and boys n = 70) from three public middle schools with limited, moderate and good physical infrastructure for pa in Ankara. Pa level of students were measured with pedometer during five consecutive school days. ANOVA and paired sample t test were used for data analysis. According to the findings, sport facilities of schools had no effect on students’ pa levels during school time (p>.05). Boys were more physically active than girls during school time (p<.05). While girls met approximately 28% of daily pa recommended by authorities (for girls and boys: 12.000 and 15.000 step/day, respectively), boys met 31% of daily pa during school time (Tudor-Locke et al., 2004). Students attending elective course were more physically active during school time than students attending only compulsory course (p<.05). In conclusion, just developing school sports facilities is not enough to increase pa level of students. Teachers’ health-related pe teaching competencies should also be improved. Elective courses are positively influence pa levels of students during school time. Students are generally not physically active enough during school time. New strategies should be developed to increase students’ pa levels during school time.
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