Relate the earthquake parameters to the maximum tsunami runup

Sharghivand, Naeimeh
Kanoğlu, Utku
EGU (European Geosciences Union) General Assembly, 17 - 22 April 2016


Approximate models and solution approaches for the vehicle routing problem with multiple use of vehicles and time windows
Boer, Jeroen Wouter de; Süral, Haldun; Department of Industrial Engineering (2008)
In this study we discuss the Vehicle Routing Problem with multiple use of vehicles (VRPM). In this variant of the routing problem the vehicles may replenish at any time at the depot. We present a detailed review of existing literature and propose two mathematical models to solve the VRPM. For these two models and their several variants we provide computational results based on the test problems taken from the literature. We also discuss a case study in which we are simultaneously dealing with side constrain...
Comparison of MODIS-derived land surface temperature with air temperature measurements
Georgiou, Andreas; Akcit, Nuhcan (2017-03-23)
Air surface temperature is an important parameter for a wide range of applications such as agriculture, hydrology and climate change studies. Air temperature data is usually obtained from measurements made in meteorological stations, providing only limited information about spatial patterns over wide areas. The use of remote sensing data can help overcome this problem, particularly in areas with low station density, having the potential to improve the estimation of air surface temperature at both regional a...
Comparison of loads in Turkish earthquake code with those computed statistically
Firat, Fatih K.; Yücemen, Mehmet Semih (2015-05-01)
In this study, earthquake loads are investigated statistically and compared with the nominal earthquake loads calculated according to the Turkish Earthquake Code, namely: "Specifications for Structures to be Built in Earthquake Areas". For this purpose, the "actual" mean load values estimated from statistical methods and the nominal load values computed according the Seismic Code are compared, with respect to some variations in the basic parameters, such as the importance factor, building height, site coeff...
Comparison of Test Results from Continious Failure State and Conventional Triaxial Tests
Karpuz, Celal (null; 2001-11-26)
Comparison of pseudo dynamic test results and numerical results of an RCC dam model
Aldemir, Alper; Binici, Barış; Canbay, Erdem (2015-07-21)
Inspired from the simplified single degree of freedom modeling approach used in the preliminary design of concrete gravity dams, a single degree of freedom pseudo dynamic testing method was devised for the seismic testing of a concrete gravity dam section. The test specimen was a 1/75 scaled section of the 120 m high monolith of the Melen Dam, one of the highest concrete gravity dams to be built in Turkey. First, the single degree of freedom idealization of the dam section was validated in the first stage o...
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N. Sharghivand and U. Kanoğlu, “Relate the earthquake parameters to the maximum tsunami runup,” presented at the EGU (European Geosciences Union) General Assembly, 17 - 22 April 2016, Vienna, Austria, 2016, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: