Türk tarih yazımında Birinci Dünya Savaşı



Reconstruction of turkish national identity through shifting perceptions of threat
Oğuz, Alaattin; Tokluoğlu, Ayşe Ceylan; Department of Sociology (2022-2)
The nation-state is undergoing a major identity crisis, and Turkey is not exempted from this conventional disarray such that various ethnic groups tend to create mixed and complex loyalty positions before the state's national policy. Many are locating themselves with different ethnic origins depending on the political, economic, and social involvement/interaction with others. According to various regional and ethnic dispersal positions, the inclusion of these groups to form national unity indicates the emer...
The Relations of İstanbul and Ankara within the press of Turkish national struggle (1918-1922)
Demirel, Ali; Turan, Ömer; Department of History (2018)
The basic goal of this thesis is to analyze the relations of the Turkish Nationalists with the İstanbul Governments, the Allied powers and also Soviet Russia during the Turkish National Struggle with a special focus on the religious-judicial and military-political legitimacy of the National movement as reflected in the newspapers published in İstanbul and Anatolia. Except for three anti-nationalist newspapers, Türkçe İstanbul, Alemdar and Peyam-ı Sabah, the most influential nationalist newspapers, İkdam, İf...
Turkish foreign policy and strategic partnership in Asia-Pacific
Yoon, Hyunsoo; Tanrısever, Oktay F.; Department of International Relations (2019)
This thesis analyses Turkish foreign policy towards Asia-Pacific by focusing on the diplomatic, economic and cultural aspects. In the 2010s, Turkey and the six Asia-Pacific countries have agreed to elevate their relationship into strategic partnership. Contrary to the views of several scholars who emphasize the continuity in Turkey's Asia-Pacific policy, this thesis argues that there are significant changes in Turkey's orientation towards this region as compared to Ankara's earlier policies. The thesis also...
Turkish foreign policy : New Concepts and Reflections
Aktaş, Gülbahar Yelken; Kibaroğlu, Ayşegül; Department of International Relations (2010)
Turkey has been in the process of taking its foreign policy position in the post-Cold War international schema. Through this process of adjustment, Turkish foreign policy has been developing new perspectives with new concepts. The objective of this thesis is to analyze these new concepts with its theoretical basics and reflections in policy formation. In this sense; traditional Turkish foreign policy, systemic changes behind the new foreign policy path, Strategic Depth Doctrine and new conceptual tools of T...
Socio-economic transformation of financial capital in Turkey after 1980's
Tacer, Ali Özgür; Şen, Mustafa; Department of Sociology (2004)
The study of money and banking is largely considered the purview of economics. Nevertheless, money theme cannot be neglected by social analysis for money is a social construct, embedded in social interactions. Financial system, money̕s highest level of institutionalization, also cannot be abstracted from social and political sub-structure. In this thesis we tried to look at the way in which Turkish financial transformation in early 1980̕s has found its reflections on social sphere; in terms of changing soci...
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