Automatic mesh enhancement by control of aspect ratio

Egorova, Olga
Sorguç, Arzu
Hagıwara, Ichiro
In this study the aspect ratio is chosen as a characteristic parameter of the mesh structure. Basic statistical theory, Monte Carlo simulation technique and geometrical realization are to be employed. The assumption for the new distribution of aspect ratio and value prediction for each mesh are to be applied in a cycle way. The parameters like expectation and variance are used to determine how much the modification of meshes is necessary in the next step. The equality of sample mean to desirable aspect ratio breaks the cycle. Thus automatic mesh generation with a good aspect ratio is provided. The method is very flexible for further modification with respect to the feature of a given model.
Computational Mechanics Conference, (2 - 04 Kasım 2002)


Accurate Reconstruction of Near-Epipolar Line Segments from Stereo Aerial Images
Ok, Ali Ozgun; Wegner, Jan Dirk; Heipke, Christian; Rottensteiner, Franz; Soergel, Uwe; Toprak, Vedat (2012-01-01)
In this study, a new 3D reconstruction approach for line segments from stereo images is proposed which covers the case that the image lines are nearly-aligned (<= 10 degrees) with the epipolar line. The method manipulates the redundancy inherent in line pair-relations to generate artificial 3D points and utilizes those entities during the estimation process to improve the reconstruction of the line segments. The best points for the reconstruction are selected based on a newly proposed weight function. To te...
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Camera auto-calibration using a sequence of 2D images with small rotations
Hassanpour, R; Atalay, Mehmet Volkan (Elsevier BV, 2004-07-02)
In this study, we describe an auto-calibration algorithm with fixed but unknown camera parameters. We have modified Triggs' algorithm to incorporate known aspect ratio and skew values to make it applicable for small rotation around a single axis. The algorithm despite being a quadratic one is easy to solve. We have applied the algorithm to some artificial objects with known size and dimensions for evaluation purposes. In addition, the accuracy of the algorithm has been verified using synthetic data. The des...
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Stacked Generalization algorithm aims to increase the individual classification performances of the classifiers by combining the information obtained from various classifiers in a multilayer architecture by either linear or nonlinear techniques. Performance of the algorithm varies depending on the application domains and the space analyses that affect the classification performances could riot be applied successfully.
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