Risk Perception of Food Chain Terrorism and Design of Security System

Watt, John
Stanciugelu, Irina
Alpas, Hami


Risk perception of food chain terrorism and design ofsecurity system a case study in Romania and Turkey
John, Watt; İrina, Stanciugelu; Alpas, Hami; Dan, Stanescu (null; 2015-08-28)
Uncertainty Analysis of Heat Transfer Predictions Using Statistically Modeled Data From a Cooled 1-1/2 Stage High-Pressure Transonic Turbine
Kahveci, Harika Senem (ASME International, 2014-06-01)
This paper compares predictions from a 3D Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes code and a statistical representation of measurements from a cooled 1-1/2 stage high-pressure transonic turbine to quantify predictive process sensitivity. A multivariable regression technique was applied to both the inlet temperature measurements obtained at the inlet rake, the wall temperature, and heat transfer measurements obtained via heat-flux gauges on the blade airfoil surfaces. By using the statistically modeled temperature p...
Risk assessment by fault tree analysis of roof and rib fall accidents in an underground hard coal mine
Direk, Cansu; Demirel, Nuray; Department of Mining Engineering (2015)
Mining sector has a high rate of injury and fatality among other sectors. Roof and rib fall in underground mines is one of the most commonly encountered accident causes that results in injuries, permanent disabilities, even fatalities. Implementing effective prevention measures based on the quantitative risk assessment is an emerging issue for underground coal mines in Turkey. The main objective of this study is to determine the root causes of roof and rib fall accidents in underground coal mines by impleme...
Uncertainty assessment of satellite- and model-based precipitation products over complex terrain of Turkey
Amjad, Muhammad; Yılmaz, Mustafa Tuğrul; Yücel, İsmail; Yılmaz, Koray Kamil (2019-04-07)
This study evaluates satellite-based (TMPA 3B42V7 and GPM IMERGv5) and model-based (ECMWF ERAInterim) precipitation products by using ground-based gauge stations as reference over Turkey, characterized by complex topography. Assessments of the products are performed over the nearest grids to the gauge stations (a total of 851) at daily, monthly and annual time scales. The accuracy assessments, categorical performance indices, and intensity-frequency related comparisons are performed over each station betwee...
Risk/Crisis communication during terrorist threats using biologicalagents massage management and social behaviour
Bozoğlu, Faruk; Alpas, Hami(2012)
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J. Watt, I. Stanciugelu, and H. Alpas, “Risk Perception of Food Chain Terrorism and Design of Security System,” 2016, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/88303.