Risk/Crisis communication during terrorist threats using biologicalagents massage management and social behaviour

Bozoğlu, Faruk
Alpas, Hami


Risk Perception of Food Chain Terrorism and Design of Security System
Watt, John; Stanciugelu, Irina; Alpas, Hami (null; 2016-06-22)
Risk perception of food chain terrorism and design ofsecurity system a case study in Romania and Turkey
John, Watt; İrina, Stanciugelu; Alpas, Hami; Dan, Stanescu (null; 2015-08-28)
Risk assessment by fault tree analysis of roof and rib fall accidents in an underground hard coal mine
Direk, Cansu; Demirel, Nuray; Department of Mining Engineering (2015)
Mining sector has a high rate of injury and fatality among other sectors. Roof and rib fall in underground mines is one of the most commonly encountered accident causes that results in injuries, permanent disabilities, even fatalities. Implementing effective prevention measures based on the quantitative risk assessment is an emerging issue for underground coal mines in Turkey. The main objective of this study is to determine the root causes of roof and rib fall accidents in underground coal mines by impleme...
Risk perception and the value of safe rooms as a protective measure for tornadoes: a survey method
Özdemir, Özlem (Nova Science Publishers; UK ed. edition (December 1, 2009), 2005-07-01)
Risk assessment and pricing of natural hazards earthquake case
Kestel, Sevtap Ayşe (null; 2015-10-16)
The potential impacts of natural hazards are enormous. In such catastrophes the economies and human lives are exposed to unpredictable losses. Probabilistic modeling of such hazards require long term historical information which enables researchers to determine the potential risk for certain periods. However, even though its increasing trend in the frequency of such events, the factors influencing the magnitude of the losses are diverse and many. Earthquakes are the most severe one as its occurrence and sev...
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F. Bozoğlu and H. Alpas, “Risk/Crisis communication during terrorist threats using biologicalagents massage management and social behaviour,” 2012. Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://app.trdizin.gov.tr/publication/project/detail/TVRFNU5UYzM.