Frequency based target localization methods for MIMO radar

Kalkan, Yılmaz
Baykal, Buyurman
A new frequency based target localization method is proposed for MIMO radars which are widely separated. The performance of this new method is compared with other frequency based target localization methods. For target localization, time of arrival (TOA), angle of arrival (AOA) and frequency of arrival (FOA) informations can be used in cooperation. In general, TOA information is enough to localize a target. However, when the time resolution of the transmitted signals is not enough or good,i.e.; unmodulated CW radar, we can not rely on the TOA information to localize the target. On the other hand, if the frequency resolution of the transmitted signals is enough, only received frequencies can be used for finding the position of the target. Localization of a moving, non-maneuvering target is possible by using Doppler-shift measurements in MIMO radar systems. This is a nonlinear problem and it can be solved by grid searching. After defining suitable cost funtion for grid search, desired area can be searched grid by grid to find the position of the target in 2D space.
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Y. Kalkan and B. Baykal, “Frequency based target localization methods for MIMO radar,” presented at the 2011 IEEE 19th Signal Processing and Communications Applications Conference, SIU 2011, (20 - 22 Nisan 2011), 2011, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: