Spontaneity in space: an exploration of socio-spatial patterns in cities



Spontaneity in space An Exploration of Socio Spatial Patterns in Cities
Cihanger Medeıros Rıbeıro, Duygu (2016-05-25)
Spontaneity in everyday space: Linking Social and Spatial through an Urban Design Approach
Cihanger Medeıros Rıbeıro, Duygu (2018-02-01)
Stochastic Hybrid Systems of Financial and Economical Processess: Identificatied, Optimized and Controlled
Weber, Gerhard Wilhelm; Yolcu Okur, Yeliz; Yerlikaya Özkurt, Fatma; Kuter, Semih; Özmen, Ayşe; Karimov, Azar(2013-12-31)
This research project will scientifically broaden, deepen and apply a scientific unified approach of both identification and optimal control of Stochastic Differential Equations with Jumps (SHSJs), motivated by and foreseen for purposes of financial mathematics and actuarial sciences. SHSJs and further structured and detailed models are in the scope of our framework, and special interests pursued consisted in a. refinement of Parameter Estimation for SDEs and b. Portfolio Optimization and, as a future exten...
Futurist thinking in urbanism: a retrospective & prospective view in the global context of transforming socio-economic structures
Efeoğlu, Hulusi Eren; Çalışkan, Olgu; Urban Design in City and Regional Planning Department (2018)
The idea of future has always emerged as a major concept for humanity. Each and every period of the civilizations, there has been always a motivation for people to manifest their ideal futures. In the context of urbanism, the intellectual capacity of utopian thinking has influenced most of the discussions on urbanism during the history. In this regard, destructive impacts of industrial revolutions have become the triggering forces to construct the ideal image of the future city. When the first industrial re...
Stochastic characterization and mathematical analysis of feedforward linearizers
Coşkun, Arslan Hakan; Demir, Şimşek; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2003)
Feedforward is known to be one of the best methods for power amplifier linearization due to its superior linearization performance and broadband stable operation. However feedforward systems have relatively poor power efficiency and are complicated due to the presence of two nonlinear amplifiers and the requirements of amplitude, phase and delay matching within two different loops. In this thesis stochastic characterization of a simple feedforward system with autocorrelation analysis has been presented for ...
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D. Cihanger Medeıros Rıbeıro, “Spontaneity in space: an exploration of socio-spatial patterns in cities,” presented at the Jane Jacobs 100: Her Legacy and relevance in the 21th century, DELFT, Hollanda, 2018, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: https://books.bk.tudelft.nl/index.php/press/catalog/book/isbn.9789461869005.