Conflicts within Muslim Community over Religious Symbols

Conflicts over Islamic Symbols


Disputes in time extension and allowance transfer of public construction works
Güres, Tolga; Erant, Engin; Department of Civil Engineering (1998)
Problems of nepotism and favouritism in the police organization in Turkey
Mutlu, K (2000-01-01)
Policing in a democratic, free society is one of the essential arguments in the literature. However, the data collected from the police chiefs (N = 306) show that nepotism and favouritism enforced mostly by politicians, are the main problems in police organization in Turkey. That means that legality is ignored by the governing political parties at the expense of democratization of policing. Consequently, law enforcement and maintaining social order within the principles of democracy are Problematic in Turke...
Problems that preschool teachers face in the curriculum implementation
Erden, Emine; Engin Demir, Cennet; Department of Educational Sciences (2010)
This study aimed at investigating the challenges preschool teachers face in the curriculum implementation and whether these challenges differ in relation to teachers’ level of education, department they graduated from, the type of the school they are working in, teaching experience and level of in-service training. In addition, in this study, it was also aimed to find out the underlying reasons of most frequently stated issues of implementation from the teachers’ perspectives. In the present study, both qua...
Conflict in interpretation of ophthalmic artery Doppler waveform Reply
Kalafat, E.; Laoreti, A.; Khalil, A.; Costa, F. da Silva; Thilaganathan, B. (Wiley, 2019-01-01)
Relationship between Mother and Father Education and Vocational Statuses with College Students’ Sexism and Conservatism
Kuzlak, Abdulkadir; Çuvaş, Burcu; Sakallı, Nuray (2017-06-01)
This study aimed to investigate the relationship between mother and father education levels and vocational statuses with sexism and conservatism. 418 undergraduate students (229 females, 189 males; Mage = 22.31, SS = 3.3) were recruited for the study and completed questions regarding parent statuses as well as Ambivalent Sexism Inventory including hostile -benevolent sexism and General Conservatism Scale. Results showed that parent education levels and statuses were mostly negatively correlated with individ...
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