Analysis of data flow in iot devices and evaluating security of mud implementation on smart home network

Darazam, Milad Kazami
oT usage has shown significant growth in the past decades. A major target for theIoT market is the living spaces which have become smarter by the integration of IoTdevices. However, the network infrastructure have not been developed from the per-spective of Cyber security. IoT devices are subject to Cyber security threats in mul-tiple fronts. For example, infected IoT devices may contribute to DDoS attacks thattarget global Internet services, such as the DNS. For mitigation of the attacks, vari-ous solutions have been proposed. In this thesis, we review available solutions witha particular focus on the application of a standardized whitelisting method, namelyManufacturer User Description (MUD). For an evaluation of MUD usage in IoT net-works, we analyzed traffic of two devices with the aim of detecting recognizable anddistinctive traffic patterns. We established specific MUD files based on the detectedtraffic patterns and evaluated the MUD files for the validation of their proof of work.


Current trends and research opportunities in hybrid additive manufacturing
Dilberoğlu, Mecid Uğur; Yaman, Ulaş; Dölen, Melik (2021-01-01)
Despite the rapid growth in the past decade, the industrial adoption of additive manufacturing has not still been achieved due to certain limitations. A recent trend to alleviate its inherent drawbacks is to integrate additive manufacturing with secondary production techniques. Indeed, hybrid additive manufacturing solutions may help overcome the current barriers to today's production systems by making use of the combined merits of merging technologies. This paper presents a comprehensive review of the curr...
An analysis of living environments of the elderly and a project for assisted living in Ankara
Erbaş, İrem; İmamoğlu, Vacit; Department of Architecture (2006)
Ageing has become a significant research area in the last few decades. The most important reason that makes ageing issue significant is the increasing rate of the older indviduals within the population all around the world. Statistical data on ageing both in Turkey and in the world reveals that, in the near future, the number of population over 65 will increase dramatically. It can be asserted that there will be an urgent need of specifically designed accommodation for this portion of the population. Hence,...
Smart parking in IoT-enabled cities: A survey
Al-Turjman, Fadi; Malekloo, Arman (2019-08-01)
The rapid growth in population has led to substantial traffic bottlenecks in recent transportation systems. This not only causes significant air pollution, and waste in time and energy, but also signifies the issue of the auto-park scarcity. In the age of Internet of Things (IoT) and smart city ecosystems, smart parking and relevant innovative solutions are necessary towards more sustainable future cities. Smart parking with the help of sensors embedded in cars and city infrastructures can alleviate the dea...
Analysis of sinusoidal and helical buckling of drill string in horizontal wells using finite element method
Arpacı, Erdoğan; Özbayoğlu, Evren; Department of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (2009)
The number of horizontal wells is increasing rapidly in all over the world with the growth of new technological developments. During horizontal well drilling, much more complex problems occur when compared with vertical well drilling, such as decrease in load transfer to the bit, tubular failure, tubular fatigue and tubular lock-up. This makes selection of appropriate tubular and making the right drill string design more important. As the total compression load on the horizontal section increases, the behav...
Assessment of Longevity Risk on PensionFunds: Credibility Approach
Yıldırım Külekci, Bükre (null; 2019-10-28)
Over the last 100 years, there has been a steady decline in mortality rates. With the unexpected decrease in death rates; variability in the age of death declined and deaths are concentrated to the older years of life, therefore, causing deficits in the pooled funds of insurance and pension providers, which are built upon the underestimated rates. To correctly measure the effect of mortality rates on the financial stability of these providers, longevity risk should be taken seriously. This study aims to inv...
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M. K. Darazam, “Analysis of data flow in iot devices and evaluating security of mud implementation on smart home network,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2021.