Kill analysis tool for missiles equipped with proximity fuzes

Öztürk, Ece
In this thesis study, a developed kill analysis tool for the missiles having proximity fuzes is presented. Some of today’s missiles have proximity fuze, and this type of missiles’ warhead can be detonated not when the missile hits the target but at a certain distance. The warhead consists of fragments, and the fragments scattered by the explosion’s effect are intended to penetrate the target. A tool is needed for doing kill analysis in order to find the blasting time that the maximum number of fragments hit the target. It is aimed to detonate the warhead at the right time during the missile-target engagement by doing kill analyses for different engagement conditions with the help of the developed tool. Then, the kill analysis results are embedded into the missile computer before the missile is launched.
Citation Formats
E. Öztürk, “Kill analysis tool for missiles equipped with proximity fuzes,” M.S. - Master of Science, 2021.