Gaseous and particulate emissions of a micro gas turbine fuelled by straight vegetable oil-kerosene blends

Chiariello, F.
Allouis, Christophe Gerard
Reale, F.
Massoli, P.
The paper reports the experimental results concerning emissions from 30 kWe commercial micro gas turbine feed with blends of straight vegetable oil with fossil fuel. Both gaseous and particulate emissions were measured at full and partial load for blends 10% v/v and 20% v/v of rapeseed and sunflower oils with JET A1 kerosene. The variations of nitric oxide and carbon monoxide emissions were taken into account to evaluate the combustor behavior at different loads and blends. The effects of the fuel composition on the variations, in terms of concentrations and dimensions, of ultrafine - particulate matter were also evaluated.


Energy consumption, income, and carbon emissions in the United States
Soytaş, Uğur; Sarı, Ramazan (2007-05-15)
This paper investigates the effect of energy consumption and output on carbon emissions in the United States. Earlier research focused on testing the existence and/or shape of an environmental Kuznets curve without taking energy consumption into account. We investigate the Granger causality relationship between income, energy consumption, and carbon emissions, including labor and gross fixed capital formation in the model. We find that income does not Granger cause carbon emissions in the US in the long run...
Experimental investigation on research octane number of liquefied petroleum gas
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Optimum daily operation of a wind-hydro hybrid system
Ercan, Eray; Kentel Erdoğan, Elçin (2022-06-01)
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Pyrolysis and combustion behaviour of various fuels in oxygen-enriched air and CO2 atmospheres
Yüzbaşı, Nur Sena; Selçuk, Nevin; Department of Chemical Engineering (2011)
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Izgec, O.; Demiral, B.; Bertin, H.; Akın, Serhat (2005-07-28)
Started as an EOR technique to produce oil, injection of carbon dioxide which is essentially a greenhouse gas is becoming more and more important. Although there are a number of mathematical modeling studies, experimental studies are limited and most studies focus on injection into sandstone reservoirs as opposed to carbonate ones. This study presents the results of computerized tomography (CT) monitored laboratory experiments to characterize relevant chemical reactions associated with injection and storage...
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F. Chiariello, C. G. Allouis, F. Reale, and P. Massoli, “Gaseous and particulate emissions of a micro gas turbine fuelled by straight vegetable oil-kerosene blends,” EXPERIMENTAL THERMAL AND FLUID SCIENCE, pp. 16–22, 2014, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: