Being a part of an architectural whole, an architectural fragment has various potentials; one is directly related to its intrinsic spatial value due to its original scalar properties. The other is its displacement, which introduces possibilities of trans-positions within its display. These trans-positions involve the conditions of “de-contextualization” and “re-contextualization” in between fragments, monuments, and environments of architecture and art, which define complex surface to space compositions and overreach the spatial terms “in” and “out” or adjectives “large” and “small”. The study introduces “relief-space” as a scaleless surface and space formation to define this architectural condition. The aim is to use the visual field and representative medium of “relief”, as decoders, in order to be able to reread the visual field of display environments. In this study, spatial conditions from The Sir John Soane Museum in London and Pergamonmuseum in Berlin are redefined as relief-spaces through their transpositional surface and space relationships. Existing examples of art works and related architectural drawings are used in order to be able to make the surface and space relationship of each environment visually available. In other words, this research proposes a “double reading”. The first reading is reproductive, in which relief as an expanded surface, and act of display as an expanded space, are understood with their determinate conditions. The second reading is a critical reading, including an active interpretation of relief-space defined as a result of the trans-positions of display in between fragments, monuments and environments. The discussion questions both the conventional singularity of museum and galleries as “the” exhibition space and the conventional stability of architecture, which has been accepted only as the “container”.
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S. Sarıca, “RELIEF - SPACES: TRANS – POSITIONS OF DISPLAY IN FRAGMENTS, MONUMENTS, AND ENVIRONMENTS,” presented at the DAKAM ARCHDESIGN CONFERENCE 2021, Türkiye, 2021, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: