The Aspects of Aesthetics of Interaction: Deconstructing The ‘How’ Level Of User - Product Interactions

Şen, Güzin
Şener Pedgley, Bahar


The aspects of aesthetics of interaction: deconstructing the ‘how’ level of user-product interactions
Şen, Güzin; Şener Pedgley, Bahar (null; 2019-05-23)
The term aesthetics of interaction emerged from the need to explain the appreciation of our sensory experience of the products, which goes beyond the appreciation of the visual appearance. In other words, it is used to define/design products which are not only pleasant to look at, but also pleasant to use. The product design literature discusses the aesthetics of interaction through the sensory aspects of the products. However, with the increased embodiment of computing technologies, the interactivity of th...
The Motivational Aspects of the Career Decision Self- Efficacy in Emerging Adulthood: Striving for Goals
Seymenler, Seçil (2019-07-28)
The psychometric qualities of the knowledge of secure base script-prompt word outline method: multi-sample evaluation of the validity and the reliability
Anafarta, Meltem; Karancı, Ayşe Nuray; Department of Psychology (2007)
Attachment theory which emphasizes the importance of the mother infant bond and its’ crucial role in determining multiple cognitive, emotional, and behavioral factors later in life, is gaining popularity in all domains of psychology. However, both in terms of conceptualization and methods of assessment, there is no consensus among the domains and this debate encourages researchers to develop new assessment methods to resolve the issue. The current study focused on the Turkish adaptation of the most recently...
The determinants of international competitiveness: the case of Turkish manufacturing sector
Gençay, Mehmet; Erdil, Erkan; Department of Science and Technology Policy Studies (2003)
The aim of this thesis is to identify and to study the micro and macro determinants of export performance. The results of micro determinants suggest that there is no significant relationship between export performance and R&D intensity, which could be a result of underreport of R&D expenditures in income statements of firms and the realization of its effects in the long-term. The results for marketing intensity, ratio of foreign exchange profits in total sales, fixed investment intensity and capital intensi...
The Concepts of Sizing and Optimization Model: applied to the Optimal Design of a Permanent Magnet Generator
Carlson, Renato; Wurtz, Frederic (2011-09-10)
This paper is a methodological contribution in order to characterize two kinds of models that should be used in a complete optimization process of energy conversion systems like motors or actuators. We will indeed introduce the concept of "sizing model", and the concept of "optimization model". We will show also how to use them in a design process in order to produce optimal result that we concatenate in "an optimal design graph". All those methodological results will be illustrated on the optimal design of...
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G. Şen and B. Şener Pedgley, The Aspects of Aesthetics of Interaction: Deconstructing The ‘How’ Level Of User - Product Interactions. 2021.