Who discloses what to whom and where?

Kökdemir, Doğan


Who is the Parent? Predictors of 12-year-olds' Parentification Behaviors
Iplikci, Ayse Busra; Şahin Acar, Başak (Turk Psikologlar Dernegi, 2019-01-01)
The aim of this study was to examine the moderator role of gender on predicting the relationship between children’s self-construal and parentification. We hypothesized that children’s relational self-construal would predict their emotional parentification and independent self-construal would predict their instrumental parentification behaviors. We also hypothesized that this relationship would be significant for girls, but not for boys. 156 participants (78 mother-child pairs) were recruited for this study....
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D. Kökdemir, “Who discloses what to whom and where?,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 1995.