The Stone Gods: the story of ‘a repeating world’

First International Ecocriticism Conference.The Future of Ecocriticism: New Horizons


The Stone Gods: The Story of a Repeating World
Birlik, Nurten (Cambridge Scholars, 2011-12-01)
The caspian pipeline games : a knot of geopolitics and economics
Nugman, Gulnar; Altunışık, Meliha B.; Department of International Relations (2000)
The Past and Present of Youth Park: The Story of an Urban Park from a Historical Perspective
Gürsel, Bahar (null; 2011-11-17)
The dirt of İstanbul : coping with pollution in the 19th century
Özeren, Deni; Dursun, Selçuk; Department of History (2019)
This thesis analyzes the impact of political, economic,sanitary and environmental transformations in theOttoman Empirein relation to urban pollution management in Istanbulin the 19th century. By examining this transformationin the local administration and municipalorganization, it aims to underline the relationship between the Ottoman ideas of modernity and the changing perceptions of dirt and consequently cleanliness.The economic transformations and increasing commercial activities in the Tanzimat period h...
The EU – Turkey customs union: a fairy tale about Turkish europeanization
Öz, Feyza; Bedirhanoğlu Toker, Pınar; Department of International Relations (2012)
This thesis examines the historical process which led to the signing of the Customs Union Agreement/Decision between the EU and Turkey. For not only is the positive economic impact of the Customs Union on Turkish economy rather questionable, but also it has meant clear political losses for the country as she had to surrender her trade autonomy and gave significant concessions in the Cyprus issue to make the EU approve it. Via the Customs Union which was introduced by Turkish authorities as a stepping stone ...
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