Genus-3 Lefschetz Fibrations and Exotic 4-Manifolds with b(2)(+)=3

Altunöz, Tülin
We explicitly construct a genus-3 Lefschetz fibration over S-2, whose total space is T-2 x S-2 #6 (CP2) over bar using the monodromy of Matsumoto's genus-2 Lefschetz fibration. We then construct more genus-3 Lefschetz fibrations, whose total spaces are exotic minimal symplectic 4-manifolds 3CP(2)#q (CP2) over bar for q = 13,..., 19. We also generalize our construction to get genus-3k Lefschetz fibration structure on the 4-manifold Sigma(k) x S-2 #6 (CP2) over bar using the generalized Matsumoto's genus-2k Lefschetz fibration. From this generalized version, we derive further exotic 4-manifolds via Luttinger surgery and twisted fiber sum.


Exotic 4-manifolds and hyperelliptic lefschetz fibrations
Altunöz, Tülin; Korkmaz, Mustafa; Department of Mathematics (2018)
In this thesis, we explicitly construct genus-3 Lefschetz fibrations over S2 whose total space is T2 S2#6CP2 using the monodromy of Matsumoto’s genus-2 Lefschetz fibration over S2. We also present exotic minimal symplectic 4-manifolds 3CP2#kCP2 for k = 13; : : : ; 19 by twisted fiber summing of our monodromy or the genus-3 version of generalized Matsumoto’s fibration constructed by Korkmaz or by applying lantern substitutions to these twisted fiber sums. In addition, we generalize our construction of genu...
Invariant manifolds and Grobman-Hartman theorem for equations with degenerate operator at the derivative
Karasözen, Bülent; Loginov, B (2003-01-01)
Analog of Grobman-Hartman theorem about stable and unstable manifolds solutions for differential equations in Banach spaces with degenerate Fredholm operator at the derivative are proved. In contrast to usual evolution equation here central manifold arises even in the case of spectrum absence on the imaginary axis. Jordan chains tools and implicit operator theorem are used. The obtained results allow to develop center manifold methods for computation of bifurcation solution asymptotics and their stability i...
Prime graphs of solvable groups
Ulvi , Muhammed İkbal; Ercan, Gülin; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2020-8)
If $G$ is a finite group, its prime graph $Gamma_G$ is constructed as follows: the vertices are the primes dividing the order of $G$, two vertices $p$ and $q$ are joined by an edge if and only if $G$ contains an element of order $pq$. This thesis is mainly a survey that gives some important results on the prime graphs of solvable groups by presenting their proofs in full detail.
Locally finite groups and their subgroups with small centralizers
ERSOY, KIVANÇ; Kuzucuoğlu, Mahmut; Shunwatsky, Pavel (2017-07-01)
Let p be a prime and G a locally finite group containing an elementary abelian p-subgroup A of rank at least 3 such that C-G(A) is Chernikov and C-G(a) involves no infinite simple groups for any a is an element of A(#). We show that G is almost locally soluble (Theorem 1.1). The key step in the proof is the following characterization of PSLp(k): An infinite simple locally finite group G admits an elementary abelian p-group of automorphisms A such that C-G(A) is Chernikov and C-G(A) Keywords: involves no inf...
Noncomplex smooth 4-manifolds with Lefschetz fibrations
Korkmaz, Mustafa (2001-01-01)
For every integer g ≥ 2 there exist infinitely many pairwise nonhomeomorphic smooth 4-manifolds admitting genus-g Lefschetz fibration over S2 but not carrying any complex structure. This extends a recent result of Ozbagci and Stipsicz.
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T. Altunöz, “Genus-3 Lefschetz Fibrations and Exotic 4-Manifolds with b(2)(+)=3,” MEDITERRANEAN JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICS, pp. 0–0, 2021, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: