Small genus-4 Lefschetz fibrations on simply-connected 4-manifolds

Altunöz, Tülin
We consider simply connected 4-manifolds admitting Lefschetz fibrations over the 2-sphere. We explicitly construct nonhyperelliptic and hyperelliptic Lefschetz fibrations of genus 4 on simply-connected 4-manifolds which are exotic symplectic 4-manifolds in the homeomorphism classes of CP2 #8 and CP2#9, respectively. From these, we provide upper bounds for the minimal number of singular fibers of such fibrations. In addition, we prove that this number is equal to 18 for g = 3 when such fibrations are hyperelliptic. Moreover, we discuss these numbers for higher genera.


Genus-3 Lefschetz Fibrations and Exotic 4-Manifolds with b(2)(+)=3
Altunöz, Tülin (2021-06-01)
We explicitly construct a genus-3 Lefschetz fibration over S-2, whose total space is T-2 x S-2 #6 (CP2) over bar using the monodromy of Matsumoto's genus-2 Lefschetz fibration. We then construct more genus-3 Lefschetz fibrations, whose total spaces are exotic minimal symplectic 4-manifolds 3CP(2)#q (CP2) over bar for q = 13,..., 19. We also generalize our construction to get genus-3k Lefschetz fibration structure on the 4-manifold Sigma(k) x S-2 #6 (CP2) over bar using the generalized Matsumoto's genus-2k L...
Complex and symplectic structures on panelled web 4-manifolds
Kalafat, Mustafa; Arguez, Huelya (2012-05-15)
We analyze the symplectic and complex structures on the panelled web 4-manifolds of S. Akbulut and M. Kalafat [1]. In particular, we give infinite families of examples of almost complex but not symplectic and not complex 4-manifolds in the non-simply connected case.
Invariant manifolds and Grobman-Hartman theorem for equations with degenerate operator at the derivative
Karasözen, Bülent; Loginov, B (2003-01-01)
Analog of Grobman-Hartman theorem about stable and unstable manifolds solutions for differential equations in Banach spaces with degenerate Fredholm operator at the derivative are proved. In contrast to usual evolution equation here central manifold arises even in the case of spectrum absence on the imaginary axis. Jordan chains tools and implicit operator theorem are used. The obtained results allow to develop center manifold methods for computation of bifurcation solution asymptotics and their stability i...
Topology of phi-convex domains in calibrated manifolds
Ünal, İbrahim (2011-06-01)
In [5], Harvey and Lawson showed that for any calibration phi there is an integer bound for the homotopy dimension of a strictly phi-convex domain and constructed a method to get these domains by using phi-free submanifolds. Here, we show how to get examples of phi-free submanifolds with different homotopy types for the quaternion calibration in H(n), associative calibration, and coassociative calibration in G(2) manifolds. Hence we give examples of strictly phi-convex domains with different homotopy types ...
Invariant subspaces for banach space operators with a multiply connected spectrum
Yavuz, Onur (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2007-07-01)
We consider a multiply connected domain Omega = D \U (n)(j= 1) (B) over bar(lambda(j), r(j)) where D denotes the unit disk and (B) over bar(lambda(j), r(j)) subset of D denotes the closed disk centered at lambda(j) epsilon D with radius r(j) for j = 1,..., n. We show that if T is a bounded linear operator on a Banach space X whose spectrum contains delta Omega and does not contain the points lambda(1),lambda(2),...,lambda(n), and the operators T and r(j)( T -lambda I-j)(-1) are polynomially bounded, then th...
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T. Altunöz, “Small genus-4 Lefschetz fibrations on simply-connected 4-manifolds,” TURKISH JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICS, vol. 46, no. 4, pp. 1268–1290, 2022, Accessed: 00, 2022. [Online]. Available: