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Developing Writing Skills via Blogs
Gündüz, Müge (2016-05-20)
Developing writing skills via blogs
Gündüz, Müge (2016-05-22)
The main goal of English language teaching (ELT) is to develop learners’ skills to communicate with other people in real world situations and to express themselves in English (Brown, 1987; Oxford, 1990; Yang and Chen, 2007) (quoted in Fageeh 2011, p.1). According to Pinkman (2005) blogs can provide interesting, authentic and communicative resources that can serve a variety of purposes in language classroom and they can also be used to encourage interaction among students and between teachers and students (Y...
Developing reading skills in English through strategy training at upper intermediate level in Bilkent University School of English Language
Erkan, Gökçe; Seferoğlu, Gölge; Department of English Language Teaching (2005)
This study aimed at investigating the effectiveness of a strategy training approach that was followed during a course. The purpose of the study was to determine whether students who received strategy training on reading skills would score better on a reading test as compared to those who did not receive such training but followed the book only. Two upper intermediate level EFL classes at Bilkent Universith School of English Language participated in the study. The data were collected through quantitative and...
Developing prospective mathematics teachers’ knowledge for teaching quadrilaterals through a video case-based learning environment
Ulusoy, Fadime; Çakıroğlu, Erdinç; Department of Elementary Education (2016)
The aim of this study was to examine the developments in prospective middle school mathematics teachers’ subject matter knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge about quadrilaterals as they attended to a teaching experiment that was designed in a video case-based learning environment. Data was collected from eight prospective teachers during the fall semester of 2014-2015 in the scope of an elective course. In data collection process, multiple data sources were utilized such as clinical individual pre- a...
Developing Subject Matter Knowledge through Argumentation
Uygun, Tuğba; Akyüz, Didem (2019-02-01)
Argumentation, as a kind of classroom discourse, is beneficial for establishing mathematical knowledge taking place in classroom conversations. It can enhance learners’ development of subject matter knowledge. Hence, this case study was designed to examine the effect of argumentations on developing subject matter knowledge in detail in mathematics. For this purpose, discussions happened in a collective learning environment, designed based on problem-based learning and taking place in a six-week instructiona...
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