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Developing reading skills in English through strategy training at upper intermediate level in Bilkent University School of English Language

Erkan, Gökçe
This study aimed at investigating the effectiveness of a strategy training approach that was followed during a course. The purpose of the study was to determine whether students who received strategy training on reading skills would score better on a reading test as compared to those who did not receive such training but followed the book only. Two upper intermediate level EFL classes at Bilkent Universith School of English Language participated in the study. The data were collected through quantitative and qualitative data collection instruments. The pre-test and the post-test results provided the quantitative data, and the qualitative data came from the students' feedback journals and the interviews held with the students. The comparison of the means of the pre-test scores of both control and experimental groups showed that the two groups were not significantly different in terms of their reading proficiency. However, the post-test results of the groups yield significant difference in favor of the experimental group. The results indicated that the training the experimental group received contributed to students' reading skills development.