Effects of Burrowing Animals on Seepage Behavior of Earthen Dams

Çalamak, Melih
Demirkapu, Halit
Kobal, Aslı


Elginoz, Nilay; Koroglu, Aysun; Oğuz, Elif; Kabdasli, M Sedat (null; 2011-09-27)
Effect of drainage properties on seepage behavior of earth fill dams
Çalamak, Melih; Yanmaz, Ali Melih (2016-09-23)
Earth-fill dams should be designed in such a way that excessive pore water pressures and seepage are controlled for attaining the desired safety level. This type of dams can be supplemented by some drainage facilities, such as blanket and chimney drains, which are commonly composed of graded soils. The key issue in designing a drainage facility is to promote the effectiveness of the system in reducing the pore water pressures and the seepage quantity. The performance of the drainage facility is based on its...
Effects of sediment withdrawal on morphologic response of rivers
Türker, Umut; Yanmaz, A. Melih; Department of Civil Engineering (1998)
Effects of salinity and fish predation on Daphnia pulex life history traits
Bezirci, Gizem; Akkaş, Sara Banu; Beklioğlu, Meryem; Yıldırım, Feriha (2007-07-13)
Effect of ozone pretreatment on methane production and microbial community structure of single-stage anaerobic digesters
Tuncay, Sera; İçgen, Bülent; Department of Environmental Engineering (2021-2-09)
Increasing amount of sludge produced by wastewater treatment plants poses many problems in environmental, public health and economic aspects. Anaerobic digestion (AD), the most common sludge stabilization method, is used to reveal energy potential of sludge as methane-rich biogas. Various pretreatment methods are applied to enhance AD efficiency by facilitating the rate limiting hydrolysis step. Ozone pretreatment is a remarkable method for improving methane production, sludge reduction and pathogen removal...
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M. Çalamak, H. Demirkapu, and A. Kobal, “Effects of Burrowing Animals on Seepage Behavior of Earthen Dams,” presented at the 16th World Water Congress, International Water Resources Associarion (IWRA), Cancun, Meksika, 2017, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: https://www.iwra.org/member/congress/resource/ABSID279_ABSID279_Calamak_etal_IWRA_WWC2017_Full_Paper.pdf.