Risk and organizations

Gephart, Robert P.
Topal, Çağrı


Risk and Organizations: Toward a Cultural-Symbolic Perspective
Gephart, Robert; Topal, Çağrı; Kulicki, Michael (Sage, 2008-01-01)
The study of risk in contemporary social life has become ‘one of the most lively areas of theoretical debate in social and cultural theories in recent times’ (Lupton, 1999a: 1). Although some organizational scholars have addressed risks relevant toorganizations (e.g. Gephart, 1997), the field of organizational scholarship has not accorded the topic of risk, the centrality or concern that it has achieved in social theory. Further, where risk has been explicitly addressed in organizational research, the cogni...
Risk Attitudes against Losses: An Application to an Emerging Market
Özdemir, Özlem (2011-06-16)
Risk Construction at a Public Hearing: An Application of Socio-cultural Theories into Organizational Risk
Topal, Çağrı (2011-07-09)
Risk-return-maturity analysis of government money market instruments
Aysev, Çağdaş; Erol, Cengiz; Department of Business Administration (1995)
Risk Mapping in Construction Projects
Yildiz, Ae; Dikmen Toker, İrem; Birgönül, Mustafa Talat; Ercoskun, K,; Salten, S, (null; 2012-07-12)
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