Decomposition of producer and consumer subsidies in Turkish agriculture:1979-1993

Özmen, Öznur


Decomposition of the mean squared error and NSE performance criteria: Implications for improving hydrological modelling
Gupta, Hoshin V.; Kling, Harald; Yılmaz, Koray Kamil; Martinez, Guillermo F. (2009-10-20)
The mean squared error (MSE) and the related normalization, the Nash-Sutcliffe efficiency (NSE), are the two criteria most widely used for calibration and evaluation of hydrological models with observed data. Here, we present a diagnostically interesting decomposition of NSE (and hence MSE), which facilitates analysis of the relative importance of its different components in the context of hydrological modelling, and show how model calibration problems can arise due to interactions among these components. T...
Analysis Of Interprovincial Service Flows For The Determination Of Provincial Hierarchy In Turkey
Berkman, Gülden (Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, 1976)
In this study, the analysis of interprovincial service flows -which is treated as complementary to the analysis of interprovincial commodity flows- will be presented. Thus, the resulting optimum distribution system can formulate the interprovincial, spatial hierarchical pattern. To give the interrelationships as a whole, the analysis will be carried out at the province scale, each province being considered a region. The method of Boudeville is resorted to for the computation of service flows. However, a dis...
Analysis of local actors in disaster management through organizational aspect in Turkey
Çelik, Aylin; Ersoy, Melih; Duyguluer, Mehmet Feridun; Department of Earthquake Studies (2015)
The rapid increase in world population, unplanned urbanization and the density in metropolitan regions cause disaster losses to increase. Thus, the structure, extent and organization scheme of disaster management became focal point and should be considered in details along with “disaster risk mitigation” processes, which have changed and developed over last 25 years. The governance concept arisen under the influence of neo liberal policies constitutes one of the trivets of new perception with its participat...
Decomposition analysis of sources of growth of imports of Turkey in 1979-85.
Yetkiner, ibrahim Hakan; Celasun, Merih; Department of Economics (1993)
Identification of Discourse Relations in Turkish Discourse Bank
Kutlu, Ferhat; Zeyrek Bozşahin, Deniz; Department of Cognitive Sciences (2023-1-25)
Discourse is the level of language where linguistic units are organized in a structured and coherent way. One of the major problems in the field of discourse in particular, and NLU in general is how to build better models to sense the way constitutive units of discourse stick together to form a coherent whole. The discourse would be coherent if it had meaningful connections between its parts. Discourse relations, i.e., semantic or pragmatic relations between discourse units (clauses or sentences), are one o...
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Ö. Özmen, “Decomposition of producer and consumer subsidies in Turkish agriculture:1979-1993,” Middle East Technical University, 1995.