The effect of testing accommodations on ninth grade sighted and blind students’ achievement about motion and some affective characteristics

Öden Acar, Arzu
The purpose of this study is revealing the problems of blind students in examinations and determining how testing accommodations affect sighted and blind students’ achievement and some affective characteristics. The study was designed with the transformative mixed method. In the qualitative phase, eight blind students in Bursa were interviewed. Considering the results of qualitative phase, quantitative phase was planned and conducted in three inclusive classrooms. Two of the classrooms were in Sakarya and one was in Bursa, and each including one blind student. Before the instruction, student information form and four scales about affective characteristics were implemented to students. During the instruction, formal textbooks and enriched course materials were used. After instruction, all students took the motion achievement test in non-accommodated, verbal descriptions, and tactile graphics testing accommodations conditions and post tested about affective characteristics. Content analysis results revealed that blind students stated problems mostly about the presentation of the exams, and setting, timing, and response styles are also problematic. They specified injustices both in instruction and exams. According to the results of the quantitative phase, the achievement of the blind and sighted students was similar when testing accommodations were used. It was determined that the exemption of blind students from the visual questions gave a score advantage to the blind students. While presenting instruction and testing in an accessible way increased the physics self-efficacy, attitude towards physics, and self-esteem of blind students, it decreased their test anxiety, and no change was detected about the affective characteristics of sighted students.


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A. Öden Acar, “The effect of testing accommodations on ninth grade sighted and blind students’ achievement about motion and some affective characteristics,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2021.