The Wronski map for flag varieties

Güngör, Emre
In this thesis, we studied flag varieties, the Grassmann variety G(d; n) and their behavior under the Wronski map. We begin by introducing algebraic, topological and geometric tools that are required to define flag varieties as projective varieties. Schubert calculus is introduced in order to understand the cohomology of the Grassmannian and flag varieties. We described Young tableau which is a helpful tool that makes some combinatorial computations, in particular of Littlewood-Richardson coefficients, easier and studied it extensively. Finally, we studied the Wronski map which sends a set of polynomials to their Wronski determinant which is given by the polynomials and their derivatives.
Citation Formats
E. Güngör, “The Wronski map for flag varieties,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2021.