Deformation Classification of Real Non-singular Cubic Threefolds with a Marked Line

© 2019, Institute for Mathematical Sciences (IMS), Stony Brook University, NY. We prove that the space of pairs (X, l) formed by a real non-singular cubic hypersurface X⊂ P 4 with a real line l⊂ X has 18 connected components and give for them several quite explicit interpretations. The first one relates these components to the orbits of the monodromy action on the set of connected components of the Fano surface F R (X) formed by real lines on X. For another interpretation we associate with each of the 18 components a well defined real deformation class of real non-singular plane quintic curves and show that this deformation class together with the real deformation class of X characterizes completely the component.
Arnold Mathematical Journal


Perception-based navigation for mobile robots
Kawamura, K; Wilkes, DM; Koku, Ahmet Buğra; Keskinpala, T (2002-03-01)
Ongoing research on multi-robot collaborative navigation conducted in the Intelligent Robotics Lab at Vanderbilt University is introduced. Range-free egocentric representations for navigation have been previously developed for a single robot. We refer to this method as perception-based navigation (PBN). This paper will show that the concept of PBN can be extended from a single robot to a group of robots to achieve collaborative navigation. One robot attempts to reach a target region by sharing its sensory i...
Building structure design as an integral part of architecture: A teaching model for students of architecture
Uenay, Ali Ihsan; Oezmen, Cengiz (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2006-09-01)
This paper explores the place of structural design within undergraduate architectural education. The role and format of lecture-based structure courses within an education system, organized around the architectural design studio is discussed with its most prominent problems and proposed solutions. The fundamental concept of the current teaching model in the Middle East Technical University (Ankara, Turkey) is quite appropriate for the education of future architects. If we consider that the main occupation o...
Charge transfer in EuS/Bi2Se3 heterostructures as indicated by the absence of Raman scattering
Osterhoudt, Gavin B.; Carelli, Ryan; Burch, Kenneth S.; Katmis, Ferhat; Gedik, Nuh; Moodera, Jagadeesh S. (2018-07-24)
Heterostructures of topological insulators and ferromagnets offer new opportunities in spintronics and a route to novel anomalous Hall states. In one such structure, EuS/Bi2Se3, a dramatic enhancement of the Curie temperature was recently observed. We performed Raman spectroscopy on a similar set of thin films to investigate the magnetic and lattice excitations. Interfacial strain was monitored through its effects on the Bi2Se3 phonon modes while the magnetic system was probed through the EuS Raman mode. De...
Computational modelling and analysis of porous bleed holes at supersonic speeds
Akar, Gökhan; Eyi, Sinan (2020-01-01)
© 2020, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Inc, AIAA. All rights reserved.Shock Wave / Boundary Layer Interaction is an important issue that should be taken into account when studying inlet design. Bleed holes have traditionally been used to remove the lower momentum part of the boundary layer to avoid separation from adverse Shock Wave / Boundary Layer Interaction. In this study, modeling of porous bleed holes investigated in computational fluid dynamics on a flat plate with and without an ...
Aerodynamic parameter estimation of a supersonic air to air missile with rapid speed variation
Bayoglu, Tugba; Nalci, Mehmet Ozan; Kutay, Ali Türker (2016-01-01)
© 2016 by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Inc. All rights reserved.Maneuver inputs designed for aircraft parameter identification are often applied during the aircraft flies close to a trimmed flight condition at an approximately constant Mach number. Since a fixed wing aircraft has control over its thrust and speed, various maneuver inputs can be applied to identify aerodynamic derivatives at discrete Mach numbers. On the contrary, most agile missile configurations do not have contr...
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