Multi objective optimization of water jet guided laser micro drilling on Inconel 718 using Taguchi Method



Multi objective optimization of water jet guided laser micro drilling on Inconel 718 using Taguchi Method
Subasi, Levent; Gökler, Mustafa İlhan; Yaman, Ulaş (2020-01-01)
© 2020 The Authors. Published by Elsevier B.V.Water jet guided laser overcomes the adverse effects of conventional laser cutting and drilling processes, such as heat-affected-zone, spatter, burr formation, etc. Pressurized water in this novel process provides focusing, cooling and cleaning on the cut region, eliminating undesired side effects of the laser. The process is nowadays used in energy and aerospace industries for drilling micro cooling holes on turbine blades made of super alloys. However, more re...
Multi Objective Optimization of Transducers used in Modal Test of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Wing
Pedremasl, Nıma; Şahin, Melin; Acar, Erdem (2015-04-01)
Oeksuz, Oezhan; Akmandor, Ibrahim Sinan (2008-06-13)
In this paper, a new multiploid genetic optimization method handling surrogate models of the CID solutions is presented and applied for multi objective turbine blade aerodynamic optimization problem. A fast, efficient, robust, and automated design method is developed to aerodynamically optimize 3D gas turbine blades. The design objectives are selected as maximizing the adiabatic efficiency and torque so as to reduce the weight, size and cost of the gas turbine engine. A 3-Dimensional steady Reynolds Average...
Multi objective conceptual design optimization of an agricultural aerial robot (AAR)
Özdemir, Segah; Tekinalp, Ozan; Department of Aerospace Engineering (2005)
Multiple Cooling Multi Objective Simulated Annealing algorithm has been combined with a conceptual design code written by the author to carry out a multi objective design optimization of an Agricultural Aerial Robot. Both the single and the multi objective optimization problems are solved. The performance figures of merits for different aircraft configurations are compared. In this thesis the potential of optimization as a powerful design tool to the aerospace problems is demonstrated.
Multi scale modeling of dual phase steels with integrated computational materials engineering framework
Bakkalbaşı, Doğucan; Şimşir, Caner; Music, Omer; Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (2022-11-21)
In this thesis, process-chain simulation of of Dual-Phase (DP) steels (DP600, DP800) with different chemical compositions and manufacturing histories is performed, in line with Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) principles. To do this, the required material data is acquired by multi-scale modelling, which enables bi-directional link between the material production processes with the manufacturing processes. The thesis consists of 2 important stages, each of which includes innovation...
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L. Subasi, M. İ. Gökler, and U. Yaman, “Multi objective optimization of water jet guided laser micro drilling on Inconel 718 using Taguchi Method,” Procedia CIRP, vol. 94, pp. 505–510, 2020, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: