Kuessner's function in the sharp-edged gust problem - A correction



Kuessner's function in the sharp-edged gust problem - A correction
Kayran, Altan (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), 2006-09-01)
Reisnerr-Nordstrom Spacetime Geometry: Derivation of the Euler and Burgers Models
Okutmuştur, Baver (2018-7-07)
A relativistic generalization of the Euler and Burgers models have recently been introduced and analyzed both theoretically and numerically. In this work we extend these analysis to a particular type of the Lorentzian manifold, so called the Reissnerr-Nordström (RS) spacetime geometry. We introduce basic properties of the R-S spacetime and its metric components containing electrical charge term which distinguish the R-S spacetime from the Schwarzshild geometry. Furthermore, we present a derivation of the Eu...
Langenhop's inequality and applications for dynamic equations
Kaymakcalan, B.; Zafer, Ağacık (2007-01-01)
A Langenhop-type inequality is given for dynamic equations on time scales. This result is further employed to obtain lower bounds for solutions of certain dynamic equations. As an application, usage of the derived Langenhop's inequality in determining the oscillatory behavior of a damped second order delay dynamic equation is illustrated. The results obtained are important in the qualitative sense.
Schröeder's functional equation and growth properties of Koenigs' eigenfunctions
Gül, Uğur; Aytuna, Aydın; Department of Mathematics (2002)
Kundt solutions of minimal massive 3D gravity
Deger, Nihat Sadik; Sarıoğlu, Bahtiyar Özgür (AMER PHYSICAL SOC, ONE PHYSICS ELLIPSE, COLLEGE PK, MD 20740-3844 USA, 2015-11-04)
We construct Kundt solutions of minimal massive gravity theory and show that, similar to topologically massive gravity (TMG), most of them are constant scalar invariant (CSI) spacetimes that correspond to deformations of round and warped (A) dS. We also find an explicit non-CSI Kundt solution at the merger point. Finally, we give their algebraic classification with respect to the traceless Ricci tensor (Segre classification) and show that their Segre types match with the types of their counterparts in TMG.
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A. Kayran, “Kuessner’s function in the sharp-edged gust problem - A correction,” Journal Of Aircraft, vol. 43, no. 5, pp. 1596–1599, 2006, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/92974.