Varieties of Democratic Understanding and Political Participation

American Political Science Association (APSA)


Varieties of democratic understanding and political participation: multi-level evidence from the world
Çınar, Süleyman Kürşat; Bülbül, Asya (2022-12-01)
This article explores the linkage between different conceptualizations of democracy and forms of political participation. Specifically, it examines the correlates of conventional and unconventional modes of political participation, especially in light of three major understandings of democracy, namely liberal, redistributive, and authoritative understandings. This article maintains that different notions of democracy have their unique relationships with different forms of political participation. The articl...
Aspects of coding theory with two recent applications
Bodur, Şeyma; Özbudak, Ferruh; Department of Cryptography (2019)
Coding Theory is a deep subject having a lot of applications in different areas. In this thesis we explain some background for two recent applications: Code base Cryptography, Entanglement Assisted Quantum Error-Correcting Codes (EAQECC).
Mediated Effects of Technology Competencies and Experiences on Relations among Attitudes Towards Technology Use, Technology Ownership, and Self Efficacy about Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge
Yerdelen-Damar, Sevda; Boz, Yezdan; Aydin-Gunbatar, Sevgi (2017-08-01)
This study examined the relations of preservice science teachers' attitudes towards technology use, technology ownership, technology competencies, and experiences to their self-efficacy beliefs about technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK). The present study also investigated interrelations among preservice teachers' attitudes towards technology use, technology ownership, technology competencies, and experiences. The participants of study were 665 elementary preservice science teachers (467 fema...
Challenges of countering cyber terrorism in the hybrid war contexts
Tanrısever, Oktay Fırat (null; 2019-10-15)
This conference paper seeks to explore the characteristics of cyber terrorism and challenges of countering cyber terrorism in the hybrid war contexts. This conference paper also intends to highlight the difficulties of coping with the terrorist uses of the cyber space and social media when the perpetrators of cyber terrorist acts remain anonymous and the parties of hybrid warfare adhere to the principle of deniability constantly The conference paper puts forward the argument that the concept of cyber terror...
Problems of surveillance in the realm of 21st century’s information technologies
İneler, Sergenç; Turan, Şeref Halil; Oktar, Sibel; Department of Philosophy (2018)
Jeremy Bentham’s panoptic prison design and its underlying implications, with Michel Foucault’s interpretation, turned into a new concept that refers to controlling power. Now, the panopticon is used as a synonym of surveillance. The analogy of the panopticon is often used to imply the problems of surveillance and its ethical implications in social media. This thesis aims to research how the panoptic prison has changed and transformed 21st century information technologies by analyzing people’s behaviors and...
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