METU Studies in Development Report of the Editor - 2020


Challenges in line-of-balance scheduling
Arditi, David; Tokdemir, Onur Behzat; Suh, Kangsuk (American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), 2002-11-01)
The line-of-balance ~LOB! method of scheduling is well suited to projects that are composed of activities of a linear and repetitive nature. The objective of this study is to set down the basic principles that can be used in the development of a computerized LOB scheduling system that overcomes the problems associated with existing systems and creates solutions to problems encountered in the implementation of repetitive-unit construction. The challenges associated with LOB scheduling include developing an a...
A new and stereospecific synthesis of an inositol analogue: bis-homoinositol
Kara, Y; Balcı, Metin (2003-03-17)
The photooxygenation of trans-8-(acetyloxy)bicyclo[4.2.0]octa-2,4-dien-7-yl acetate afforded the bicyclic endoperoxide. Reduction of the endoperoxide with thiourea followed by acetylation gave the corresponding tetraacetate. The KMnO4 oxidation of the tetraacetate followed by acetylation gave dihydroxytetraacetate Ammonolysis of tetraacetate afforded the bis-homoinositol, bicyclo[4.2.0]octane-2,3,4,5,7,8-hexol.
Emotional-motivational responses predicting choices: The role of asymmetrical frontal cortical activity
Ravaja, Niklas; Korhonen, Pekka; Köksalan, Mustafa Murat; Lipsanen, Jari; Salminen, Mikko; Somervuori, Outi; Wallenius, Jyrki (2016-02-01)
We examined (a) how emotional attachment to a choice option as indexed by state-related changes in electroencephalographic (EEG) asymmetry over the prefrontal cortex and electrodermal activity predicts choices and mediates the endowment effect and (b) the emotional-motivational responses to trade-off choices. Thirty-eight participants made choices between three 4-product packages, in which the frequency of each of the products varied. Greater relative left frontal activation and high peak skin conductance l...
Substitution kinetics of Cr(CO)(5)(eta(2)-Z-cyclooctene) with tetracyanoethylene
Kozanoglu, F; Saldamli, S; Özkar, Saim (Elsevier BV, 2002-09-16)
The weakly bound Z-cyclooctene (zco) ligand in Cr(CO)(5)(eta(2)-zco) is replaced by tetracyanoethylene (tcne) at an observable rate in the temperature range between - 5 and + 10 degreesC yielding the complex Cr(CO)(5)(eta(2)-tcne) as the final product The kinetics of this substitution reaction was studied in toluene solution containing 5% by volume zco by quantitative FTIR spectroscopy The substitution reaction obeys a pseudo-first order kinetics with respect to the concentration of the starting complex. Th...
Seasonal variability of the Caspian Sea three-dimensional circulation, sea level and air-sea interaction
Ibrayev, R. A; Ozsoy, E; Schrum, C.; Sur, H. I. (Copernicus GmbH, 2010-3-3)
<jats:p>Abstract. A three-dimensional primitive equation model including sea ice thermodynamics and air-sea interaction is used to study seasonal circulation and water mass variability in the Caspian Sea under the influence of realistic mass, momentum and heat fluxes. River discharges, precipitation, radiation and wind stress are seasonally specified in the model, based on available data sets. The evaporation rate, sensible and latent heat fluxes at the sea surface are computed interactively through an atmo...
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