Ceylan, Elif Hazal
People are changing their jobs almost every 4 years. Everybody can find a job posting on the Internet. Furthermore, companies are using personality test for hiring processes and the candidates are generally reading the job descriptions before coming to the testing session. However, the priming effect is a known fact; therefore, reading job descriptions before the test might affect people’s responses. The current study aimed to examine the effect of reading job descriptions on response bias in personality tests. 291 university student participants received two personality tests which were the Big Five Inventory (BFI), some factors from the International Personality Item Pool; and a spatial ability test. After the first test, participants were assigned to three groups. One experimental group read a job description with job-related personality adjectives; another experimental group read a job description with job-related behavioral indicators, and the control group read an instruction stating that they should fill out the tests as if they are applying for a job. After reading the materials all participants again took the two personality tests. The results revealed reading job descriptions has no effect on the response distortion on the BFI scores; however, for two of the IPIP factors, reading the job descriptions resulted in more response distortion as compared to the control group. For all factors from the two tests, the main effect of time was significant meaning that participants distorted their responses when they imagined applying for a job. The results were in line with the response bias literature.


Analysis of Software Process Improvement Activities in SMEs: A Systematic Literature Review
Durmuş, Suna; Özcan Top, Özden; Özkan Yıldırım, Sevgi (2021-10-01)
This Software industry is a very significant cog in today’s economic landscape. The majority of these organizations mainly comprise small and medium enterprises (SMEs). These enterprises aim to benefit from Software Process Improvement (SPI) activities in producing high-quality products and services in competitive business environments. For this purpose, SPI models have been developed for specific SME characteristics. In this study, we performed a systematic literature review to analyze the characteristics ...
Preliminary results in evaluating the pleasantness of an interviewing candidate based on psychophysiological signals
Arı, Fikret; Avenoğlu, Bilgin; İleri, Fatih; Erkuş, Ekin Can; Hacıhabiboğlu, Hüseyin (null; 2020-01-13)
Job openings are getting scarce, as the number of applicants are increasing. Evaluation of job interviews is a serious burden for the human resource departments. Automatic evaluation of candidates applying for jobs is an important domain open for improvement. Evaluation of applicant videos from social signals is possible but may not be enough to determine candidates’ suitability for jobs that require social stress. The interview itself is a social stressor, as widely known from the Trier social stress test....
Real-Time Localization Methodology with RFID Technology in Closed Area
Cavur, Mahmut; Demir, Ebubekir (2017-05-18)
In recent years, many companies want to keep track of personnel, sources and working machines due to various reasons. This is sometimes achieved for security purposes and sometimes for coordination and performance purposes. The purpose and requirements are the main factors that determine the shape of tracking. Such developed systems for this purpose have different technologies according to their requirements. The real-time tracking can be determined with high precision in open areas with the global position...
Ersöz, Anıl; Kondakçı, Yaşar; Department of Educational Sciences (2021-9-30)
Readiness for change is vital for the success of any educational change initiative, and that is why there has been an increasing interest in the antecedents of readiness for change. However, there is a limited body of empirical research that sheds light on the role of teacher agency on readiness for change. Moreover, the influence of job satisfaction on readiness for change has remained unclear. Therefore, this study set out to investigate whether teacher agency mediates the relationship between job satisfa...
Preliterate preschoolers oral explanationsand visual narratives in response to picturebooks
Ulusoy, Mustafa; Altun, Dilek (null; 2016-05-01)
Hikâye dinleme ve okuma, çocukların hem ev içi hem de okul öncesi eğitim kurumlarında gelişimlerinin eğlenerek desteklendiği önemli etkinliklerden biridir. Çocuklara sunulacak zengin içerikte, kaliteli çocuk kitapları çocukların gelişimlerini desteklemek adına büyük önem taşımaktadır. Bu nedenle, okul öncesi öğretmenlerinin piyasada yayınlanan kitaplar arasından çocukların gelişim düzeylerine uygun kitapları seçmeleri önem taşımaktadır. Öğretmen adaylarının okuma tutumları ve alışkanlıklarına bağlı olarak k...
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E. H. Ceylan, “RESPONSE BIAS IN PERSONALITY TESTS: THE EFFECT OF READING JOB DESCRIPTIONS,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2021.