Autographs Don’t Burn, Letters to the Bunins (Review)

Pamir Dietrich, Ayşe


Secularism Under Threat Radical Islam in Central Asia
Köksal, Pınar (2004-09-11)
Oral poetry and weeping in the case of Dersimli women
Demir, Aylin; Erdemir, Aykan; Department of Gender and Women's Studies (2010)
This thesis analyzes the issue of performing self in the genres of oral poetry and weeping, which are performed by Dersimli women in the course of their everyday life practices. This study focuses on the case of Dersim (Tunceli) which is located in the east part of Turkey where Zazaki-speaking and Kurdish-speaking Alevi people constitute the majority of the population. I deal with these performances as repetitive actions, occurring in the course of everyday life. I focus on the narratives in the songs and i...
Old and New Problems in the Balkans and Marxism
Türkeş, Mustafa (2018-12-01)
Efforts to determine the place of Marxism in the Balkans in a historical manner seem to enable us to outline not only the historical importance of Marxism but also to point out more precisely its relevance with contemporary problems and possible solutions in the Balkans. In order to outline very briefly the place of Marxism in the Balkans, this paper first seeks to discuss the old (late 19th, early 20th) and new (late 20th, early 21st century) common problems people in the Balkans encountered with a view to...
Optimum and suboptimum blind channel and symbol estimation for SISO channels
Tuncer, Temel Engin (2004-12-01)
We present three methods for blind channel and symbol identification from a single or multi-block observation. These methods are deterministic approaches suitable for the identification of quickly changing wireless channels. The first method uses the finite alphabet property and it has good performance even for noisy observations. It requires only a single data frame, which is a unique feature of the method. This method can also be used to identify the channel order. For multi-block observations, we present...
Foresight 6.0: The New Generation of Technology Foresight
Cifci, Hasan; Yuksel, Nurdan (2018-06-20)
Futures studies have always been important for people to anticipate the future and take actions. Since technology is for society, Future oriented Technology Analyses (FTA) have been widely implemented based on different concepts through different dimensions. Foresight, one of the FTA, has evolved throughout its journey within its generations until today. In this article, foresight generations in the literature are put forth as grouped and the framework of new technology foresight generation as sixth generat...
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