Analysis of theoretical and observed earth tide crustal movements at METU in geodetic lab.

Çınar, Yalçın


Analysis of atmospheric fluorescence and Cerenkov data from metu 3T detector.
Alev, Murat; Department of Physics (1981)
Analysis of grain burnback and international flow in solid propellant rocket motors in 3-dimensions
Yıldırım, Cengizhan; Aksel, Mehmet Haluk; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2007)
In this thesis, Initial Value Problem of Level-set Method is applied to solid propellant combustion to find the grain burnback. For the performance prediction of the rocket motor, 0-D, 1-D or 3-D flow models are used depending on the type of thre grain configuration.
Analysis of earthquake loading, wind loading and ice loading effects on guyed masts
Yapar, Özgür; Yılmaz, Çetin; Department of Civil Engineering (2010)
Guyed masts are special type of structures that are widely used in the telecommunication industry. In the past, there was no guideline for seismic design of these types of structures in the corresponding design codes. On the other hand, in the latest “G” revision of the ANSI/TIA-EIA code there is a comprehensive design criterion for the seismic design of the guyed masts. However, during the design process of these structures the most common approach is to ignore the effect of seismic loading and use only th...
Analysis of teleconnection patterns on climate of Northern Cyprus
Nabango, Hope Nabwire; Akıntuğ, Bertuğ; Sustainable Environment and Energy Systems (2019-9)
The complex interaction of components in the climate system has greatly contributed to uncertainty in climate patterns. Inarguably, anthropogenic factors have relentlessly increased this phenomenon. While innumerable research aimed at forecasting these interactions and their impacts on climate identify three streams of uncertainties as; model responses, external forcing factors and internal atmospheric variability, lack of knowledge on these factors have continue to challenge efficient results pertaining to...
Analysis of internal explosion and structural response to blast loading
Turcan, Uğur Can; Ulaş, Abdullah; Serin, Nadir; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2012)
In this thesis, blast overpressure due to internal explosion and dynamic response to this loading of the structure is analyzed. Firstly, theoretical backgrounds of computational procedures are presented. The basic principles of the hydrocodes and semi empirical methods are explained in detail. In the analysis of blast overpressure, partially vented structures are examined. Three different venting areas and three different charge weights are employed in the study. Peak pressure, time and impulse parameters a...
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Y. Çınar, “Analysis of theoretical and observed earth tide crustal movements at METU in geodetic lab.,” Middle East Technical University, 1973.