Physicalism shall never vanquish’d be until …

2020 Imprint Academic.Brown and Ladyman (2019) have provided an interesting criterion of refutability of physicalism. The criterion is based on the prediction that physics won’t hypothesize the existence of psychological entities. This is an important suggestion because if viable, the criterion could purge physicalism from the charge of being a vacuous doctrine (Crane and Mellor 1990). In this paper, I argue that the criterion of refutability is not viable. I demonstrate that different interpretations of the criterion will prove it either vacuous or incompatible with naturalism.
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Constraints on a noncommutative physics scale with neutrino-electron scattering
Bilmiş, Selçuk; Li, H. B.; Li, J.; Liao, H. Y.; Lin, S. T.; Singh, V.; Wong, H. T.; Yildirim, I. O.; Yue, Q.; Zeyrek, Mehmet Tevfik (2012-04-19)
Neutrino-electron scatterings (nu - e) are purely leptonic processes with robust standard model predictions. Their measurements can therefore provide constraints to physics beyond the standard model. Noncommutative (NC) field theories modify space-time commutation relations, and allow neutrino electromagnetic couplings at the tree level. Their contribution to the neutrino-electron scattering cross section was derived. Constraints were placed on the NC scale parameter Lambda(NC) from nu - e experiments with ...
Varieties of D-linking: A view from Italian and Turkish
Torregrossa, Jacopo; Özge, Umut (2016-12-10)
Enç (1991) provides a formalization of Pesetsky’s (1987) notion of D-linking by proposing that each DP is double-indexed. The first index (xi) refers to the DP referent, while the second (xj) stands for the superset of which xi is a subset (if xi is plural) or an element (if xi is singular), as indicated in (1): (1) Every [NP α]<i, j> is interpreted as α(xi) where, xi ⊆ xj if NP<i, j> is plural; xi ∈ xj if NP<i, j> is singular For D-linked indefinites, on which we concentrate here, the value of xi is indef...
Structural realist account of the self
Davoody Benı, Majıd (2016-12-01)
In this paper, inspired by the late twentieth century developments in philosophy of science (ontic structural realism), I propose an ontological scheme to accommodate the scientifically-informed anti-substantivalist views of the self. I call the position structural realist theory of the self (SRS for short). More specifically, I argue that SRS provides a middle ground for bringing a metaphysical reconciliation between the two recurring, and apparently competing forms of such anti-substantivalist views, i.e....
Psychometric properties of the thought-action fusion scale in a Turkish sample
Yorulmaz, O; Yilmaz, AE; Gençöz, Tülin (Elsevier BV, 2004-10-01)
The aim of the present study was to reveal the cross-cultural utility of the Thought-Action Fusion Scale (TAFS; J. Anxiety Disord. 10 (1996) 379). Thought-action fusion (TAF) refers to the tendency to overvalue the significance and the consequences of thoughts. Two hundred and fifty one undergraduate Turkish students participated in the current study. The reliability and validity analyses of the Turkish version of the scale indicated that the TAFS had adequate psychometric properties in a Turkish sample. Co...
Mass Formulas for Xi(c) and Xi(b) Baryons
Alıyev, Tahmasıb; Özpineci, Altuğ (Pleiades Publishing Ltd, 2010-10-01)
The importance of taking into account the mixing of the heavy cascade baryons Xi and Xi' that have new quantum numbers in analyzing their properties is shown. The Ono quark model is considered by way of example. The masses of the new baryons and the Xi-Xi' mixing angles are obtained. The same approach is applied to the interpolating currents of these baryons within QCD sum rules.
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