Sustainable wastewater management and resource recovery systems through novel anaerobic and bioelectrochemical processes



Sustainable hydrogen production process development using reducible oxides
Çalışan, Atalay; Üner, Deniz; Department of Chemical Engineering (2020)
The energy demand is driven by increasing world population and living standards. Sustaining this demand with available and renewable energy sources is a major challenge. The options such as solar and wind power, are unreliable for a steady energy production due to their intermittent nature. Therefore, the storage of renewable energy, such as hydrogen, gains importance. In the scope of this thesis, a sustainability barrier in front of solar integrated hydrogen production processes was addressed in terms of m...
Sustainable development and management of an aquifer system in western Turkey
SAKIYAN, J; Yazıcıgil, Hasan (2004-02-01)
This study presents the establishment of sustainable development and management policies for the Kucuk Menderes River Basin aquifer system in western Turkey. Geological, hydrogeological, and geophysical data are used conjunctively to define various hydrogeological units and their geometry. Distributions of hydraulic-parameter values and recharge are estimated by geostatistical methods and hydrologic simulations, respectively. A finite-difference groundwater flow model is used to represent the unconfined flo...
Sustainable Use of Natural Zeolites in the Treatment of Wastes
İmamoğlu, İpek (2012-01-01)
Information presented here focuses on the sustainable commercial use of natural zeolites. Topics specifically covered include; (i) use of this natural mineral for remediation of contaminated sites and clean-up of spills, (ii) treatment and handling of animal/agricultural wastes considering recent climate change policies, (iii) management of wastewater treatment plant sludge to enable valuable product formation and prevention of formation of hazardous wastes. Reuse of spent zeolites and future trends in term...
Sustainable environement friendly development planning of Fethiye-Kayaçukuru using GIS-based techniques
Erdoğan, Aygün; Işık, Oğuz; Department of Geodetic and Geographical Information Technologies (2000)
Sustainable Debinding and Recovery of CO2-Soluble Binders
Dilek Hacıhabiboğlu, Çerağ; Enick, Robert M.; Gulari, Esin; Manke, Charles W. (2012-07-04)
Metal and ceramic forming applications using conventional binders are associated with a number of environmental problems such as toxic emissions and carcinogenic wastes released from conventional binder removal processes. Here, we examine several materials as possible binder candidates for a sustainable technology wherein the binder can be recovered and recycled by supercritical carbon dioxide. The candidates include an acetylated sugar, beta-D-galactose pentaacetate, and two tert-butyl aromatics, 1,3,5-tri...
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