Amateur and Proletatian Theater in Post-Revolutionary Russia (Review)

Pamir Dietrich, Ayşe


Amateur and Proletatian Theater in Post-Revolutionary Russia (Book Review)
Pamir Dietrich, Ayşe (2021-07-01)
Shortly after the Bolsheviks seized power in October 1917 they issued a decree of the Soviet of People’s Commissars on 9 November 1917 that placed all the theaters under the authority of the arts section of the State Commission for Education, and all served as agitprop (agitation and propaganda) theater. So the Soviet theater was a director’s theater, but not a writer’s theater. It was utilized to do what has been ordered rather than provide only entertainment, and used as a propaganda and communication age...
Modern Theatre in Russia Tradition Building and Transmission Processes (Book Review)
Pamir Dietrich, Ayşe (2022-01-01)
This book is about the history of Russian theater tradition and practice, and consists of six chapters. In the first chapter, Introduction, the writer gives a brief sketch of Russian theater tradition in the 19th century and how this tradition was transmitted to the 20th century, and explains what cultural transmission means. Aquilina introduces his methods and the outlines of his study. He states that he will examine Stanislavsky, Meyerhold, Smyshlaev, Kerzhentsev and the Proletkultists to analyze the trad...
Radical Islamism in Turkey: the cases of gradualism of Ercümend Özkan and militanism of Hizbollah
Atalar, Mehmed Kürşad; Ayata, Ayşe; Department of Political Science and Public Administration (2002)
Avant-garde modernism in architecture : a re-analysis "neue sachlichkeit" architecture within the framework of posthumanism
Baran, Ceyda; Öğüt, Rana Nergis; Department of Architecture (2004)
This thesis aims to re-analyze the early twentieth century أmodern architecture,ؤ with in the frame work of أposthumanism.ؤ Referring to the أmaterialistؤ and أsocioconstructiveؤ architecture of Hannes Meyer, the study proposes a أshiftؤ from أhumanistؤ ways of production and reception to posthumanism, where the centrality of human in the productive processes of both art and life is questioned. With this respect, the thesis proposes a historical continuity with the post 1960̕s أposthumanistؤ involvement of ...
Literary encoding of modernist alienation in the language and spaces of James Joyce’s Ulysses and Sadeq Hedayat’s the Blind Owl
Najafıbabanazar, Maryam; Sönmez, Margaret Jeanne M.; Department of English Literature (2018)
This thesis examines James Joyce’s Ulysses (1922) and Sadeq Hedayat’s The Blind Owl (1937) from the point of view of their responses to modernist alienation, that is, how these two writers construct texts that, at several levels and particularly on the levels of language, place and space, encode and express alienation. Alienation itself is a theme that has been regularly associated with modernist art, and with its history of plentiful associations and meanings alienation is here taken to refer to the indiff...
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