The combustion performance and kinetics of Saray-Thrace region coal: The effects of particle size and heating rate



The glass transition behaviour and thermodynamic properties of amorphous polystyrene
Aras, Leyla; Richardson, Maxwell J. (Elsevier BV, 1989-12)
The effect of molecular weight (MW) and thermal history on the heat capacity (cp) of amorphous polystyrene over the temperature range from 200–440 K has been measured using differential scanning calorimetry (d.s.c.) General equations are given that show the influence of MW on cp in both the glassy and liquid states. An enthalpic definition of the glass temperature reflects changes in the glass structure, due to thermal history, that are not found using conventional d.s.c. constructions. Thermodynamic and st...
The stress response of partially plastic rotating FGM hollow shafts: Analytical treatment for axially constrained ends
Eraslan, Ahmet Nedim (Informa UK Limited, 2006-01-01)
analytical solutions to estimating the elastoplastic response of rotating functionally graded (FGM) hollow shafts with fixed ends are presented. The modulus of elasticity, as well as the uniaxial yield limit of the shaft material, are assumed to vary nonlinearly in the radial direction. The plastic model is based on Tresca's yield criterion, its associated flow rule, and ideal plastic material behaviour. Elastic, partially plastic, fully plastic, and residual stress states are investigated. It is shown that...
The Surface and Bulk Kinetics of Oxygen Transport inSolid Oxide Fuel Cell Cathodes
Sarı, Doğancan; Torunoğlu, Ziya; Pişkin, Fatih; Kuru, Yener; Kalay, Yunus Eren; Öztürk, Tayfur (2016-09-29)
The Effects of a plasticizing and a superplasticizing agents on water-cement ratio and compressive strength of concretes
Dasci, Ali; Tokyay, Mustafa; Department of Civil Engineering (1990)
The Abudance and elemental composition of suspended organic matter in the Turkish seas (Balck, Marmara and Eastern Mediterranean)
Çoban, Yeşim; Tuğrul, Süleyman; Institute of Marine Sciences (1997)
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