Broadband RF Communication System Design for Smart Houses including Wi-Fi and 5G

In this study, a broadband antenna system with filter structures is designed. The design is proposed for smart houses. The system covering 3G, Wi-Fi and 5G frequency bands can handle for different applications by the distributed filtering approach. The proposed prototype utilizes one antenna for different applications by using three filtering structures and power dividers. The simulations are done on HFSS and AWR for the antenna and filter designs, respectively. The prototypes are produced and S-11 parameters and far-field radiation pattern measurements are carried out for whole system. The far-field radiation pattern of the antenna is measured in an anechoic chamber. As the materials substrates, Rogers 4003 and FR-4 are used.
Photonics and Electromagnetics Research Symposium - Fall (PIERS - Fall)


Circular arrays of log-periodic antennas for broadband applications
Ergül, Özgür Salih (2006-11-10)
Circular arrays of log-periodic (LP) antennas are designed for broadband applications. A sophisticated electromagnetic simulation environment involving integral equations and fast solvers is developed to analyze the LP arrays both accurately and efficienuy. The resulting matrix equation obtained by the discretization of the electric field integral equation is solved iteratively via the multilevel fast multipole algorithm (MLFMA). Genetic algorithms interacting with MLFMA is employed to optimize the excitati...
Ground Calibration of Antenna Arrays For Complex Platforms
Elbir, Ahmet M.; Tuncer, Temel Engin (2013-10-18)
When antenna arrays are placed on platforms, antenna patterns and antenna characteristics change significantly. Calibration of antenna arrays becomes an inevitable and important task to correct the imperfections due to the antenna surroundings. In this paper, a time-gating method is proposed to calibrate the direction finding antenna array on a UH-60 helicopter on ground. The helicopter is placed above the ground plane whereas the source antenna is further away to account for the reflections from the helico...
Relay-Assisted Beamforming for Multicast Systems with Energy Harvesting Capability
Demir, Özlem Tuğfe; Tuncer, Temel Engin (2016-05-19)
In this paper, multi-group multicasting scenario is considered where single antenna sources transmit their own information to different groups of users with the help of single antenna relays. Users have energy harvesting capability, i.e., a part of the received signal is used for information decoding while the rest is used for energy harvesting. Beamforming is performed by the relays which use amplify-and-forward protocol. The design of complex relay coefficients and power splitting ratios for the users is ...
Cooperative Density Estimation in Random Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Onur, Ertan; Niemegeers, Ignas (2012-03-01)
Density estimation is crucial for wireless ad hoc networks for adequate capacity planning. Protocols have to adapt their operation to the density since the throughput in an ad hoc network approaches asymptotically to zero as the density increases. A wireless node can estimate the global density by using local information such as the received power from neighbors. In this paper, we propose a cross layer protocol to compute the density estimate. The accuracy of the estimate can be enhanced and its variance ca...
Immune system based distributed node and rate selection in wireless sensor networks
Atakan, Baris; Akan, Ozguer B. (2006-12-13)
Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are event-based systems that rely on the collective effort of dense deployed sensor nodes. Due to the dense deployment, since sensor observations are spatially correlated with respect to spatial location of sensor nodes, it may not be necessary for every sensor node to transmit its data. Therefore, due to the resource constraints of sensor nodes it is needed to select the minimum number of sensor nodes to transmit the data to the sink. Furthermore, to achieve the application-...
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