Reducing Teacher Talking Time in EFL Classes: An Action Research at Tertiary Level

VIII. Internetional Eurasian Educational Research Congress Online


Fakılar, Fatma Sinem; Bilgiç, Reyhan; Department of Psychology (2022-6)
Even though a lot of research investigated what influence employee well-being, the role of resources hasn’t completely understood yet. The aim of the present study is to shed a light on what affects employee-well-being (i.e. flourishing) at work. Job security, worklife balance, and workplace civility were used as predictors which were proposed to be related to flourishing at work (FAW) via first, resource gain, then, psychological wellbeing (PWB). Furthermore, psychological capital was examined as a moder...
Scheduling jobs on unrelated parallel machines to minimize regular total cost functions
Azizoğlu, Meral; Kirca, O (1999-02-01)
In this paper we consider unrelated parallel machine scheduling problems that involve the minimization of regular total cost functions. We first present some properties of optimal solutions and then provide a lower bound. These mechanisms are tested on the well-known practical problem of minimizing total weighted flow time on unrelated parallel machines. In doing so, we design a branch and bound algorithm incorporating the mechanisms derived for the general total cost function along with the ones derived sp...
The Effects of the Armenian schools on the ethnic identity formation of the Armenian students in Turkey
Barış, Linda; Yıldırım, Erdoğan; Department of Sociology (2017)
In this study, the discourse analysis of the historical procession of the Armenian schools, the last period of the Ottoman Empire and the establishment and development stages of the Republic of Turkey have been analyzed in terms of the influence of the Armenian schools on the formation of the ethnic identities of the Armenian students in Turkey. The relationship between the Armenian schools and the ethnic identity formation of the Armenian students, problematized within the regulations imposed by the Turkis...
The Use of capacitance-resistive models for estimation of interwell connectivity & heterogeneity in a waterflooded reservoir: a case study
Gözel, Mustafa Erkin; Akın, Serhat; Department of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (2015)
Increasing the oil recovery from the hydrocarbon reservoirs is becoming the most important issue for the oil & gas industry with the increase in energy demand and developing technologies. Waterflooding is one of the most preferable methods because of its success ratio, application ease and cost efficiency. Beside mentioned advantages, this method must be carefully planned and performed by considering reservoir heterogeneities to avoid unexpected poor recoveries. As an alternative to the reservoir modeling a...
The relationship between physical activity levels and time management skills among selected university students
Dinçay, Hülya; Koçak, Mehmet Settar; Department of Physical Education and Sports (2010)
The purpose of this study was to explore the relationship between the physical activity levels and the time management practices of selected university students, and to identify the differences between physical activity levels and time management practices in terms of gender. The subjects of this study were 128 male (55,9%) and 101 female (44,1%) university students from six universities in ıstanbul, Turkey which were selected on a volunteer basis. The Physical Activity Assessment Questionnaire (PAAQ) and t...
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